April 5, 2016

10 Clothing Items You Should Steal From Your Boyfriend


In an age where fashion is becoming more and more genderless, bae’s across the globe are happily raiding each other’s closets in search of their next stylish item.

We thought of some classic items that girlfriends have been notorious for stealing from their men over the years. And now that the fashion lines are blurring, here are the top 10 items you should be stealing borrowing from boo ASAP!


1.) A light military bomber jacket is perfect to grab from your bf, especially if it’s a little oversized.

2.) A  Baseball Hat of any colour is always a cool staple to steal.

3.) These Roots Salt & Pepper Sweatpants are SUPER comfy for anyone to wear! If you don’t have your own pair already, go ahead and steal his.

4.)  A plaid Flannel is an obvious choice. This is normally the first stealing offence.

5.) Why wear your hoodie, when you could wear his Hoodie , right?

6.) An oversized Sweatshirt looks good on anyone!

7.)  Let’s be honest, he never actually wears his Blazer , so this will be easy to steal and channel your inner ~Kiss It Better~ Rihanna.

8.) Large Stainless Steel Watches are a great accessory for anyone!

9.) Since those warm Summer nights aren’t here yet, his Calvin Klein Denim Jacket is sure to keep you warm, ’till then.

10.) He’ll definitely have a few Vintage Band Tee‘s in his closet, so he won’t notice when you sneak it under your leather jacket.

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