August 7, 2014

10 Days of #EtsyRoadTrip


Greetings from the passenger seat!! Today we’re halfway through our #EtsyRoadTrip adventure. For those of you who are bad with directions, that’s at the crossroads of bittersweet and are we there yet?! Even though today marks the semi-completion of our ice cream escapades, if you’re a glass-half-full kinda believer like myself, you know that the midpoint is a time for reflection, a #TBT into the not so distant past (of yesterday). That, and making it halfway also serves as an allegorical trophy for the directionally challenged; “WE MADE IT” inscribed on its figurative base. But let’s not draw attention to that.

Tailing our new BFFs, AKA Team Etsy, we made our way to Ottawa and Kingston with eager hearts and hungry bellies.


Header Image Source: Etsy Canada 



Capital Crafters

Source: @sarakmaclellan/@daniirey

There’s no better welcoming party than one that comes with dogs or cold brew coffee. Luckily for us, Ottawa had both. Shout out to the Bridgehead for their carbonated (yes, carbonated) cold brew. Also a special hello to Scout the dawg appropriately dressed in an Etsy-orange bandana. You win in our books.



The Goods

Source: @sarakmaclellan

Not just for the caffeine-addicted and dog loving, Ottawa also introduced us to our latest sartorial obsession. We’re crushin’ hard on the handcrafted jewelry by accessories wizard Sara Kowalski MacLellan, the sustainably-minded crafter from Ottawa Valley. Inspired by the northern landscape, Sara’s label Forestière transforms responsibly sourced materials like raw and naturally-dyed fibers, recycled metals, and sustainably harvested wood, into a fashun girl’s must-haves. As the wife of a forester, Sara learned authentic knot tying and resource scavenging from the pros; applying the old school techniques to her contemporary design sense. FORA videographer @rosizzle couldn’t wait to get her hands on one. Btw girl, can I borrow that? Forever?



The Food 

As previously discussed in Part One of my v. informative travel log, I’ll go to great lengths for a basket of locally grown strawberries. And so, to market to market we went, this time in search of blueberries from our national’s capital. Nom nom nom



The Sights

Meanwhile, at the National Gallery of Canada, we contemplated the status of some perfectly sculpted greenery. Is it an art garden or just a garden garden?! We’ll settle on the former to avoid looking like dorks for posing with it. Rosanna pointed out a post-modern painting of ice cream, declaring it an artistic rendering of our road trip thus far. I nodded and made our to the Byward Market for ice cream.



King of the Craft

Source: @rosizzle 

The following day we rolled into Kingston for some park side yoga. Amongst the marketplace attendees was Nicole Tarasick, creator of the infamous YYZ pillow (T.O. babes, you know the one). After taking a selfie with Yeff Knits hand-knit cacti (can you blame us?!) we took to the lawn for some quality day dreaming of custom rings and one-of-a-kind treasures.


Next stop: Toronto! See you tomorrow, everyone!


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