March 15, 2011


Designs by Katiya is a jewelry line by jet-setting Katiya – whose day job is being Amber Rose’s personal assistant. (Yes, as in Wiz Khalifa’s girlfriend, with the shaved head, big sunglasses, and big…err, curves.) The two trouble-making beauties are currently travelling the world and shooting a VH1 reality show on Amber, and Katiya is one of her main co-stars. In all this madness, Katiya – a Toronto native – still found time to design a dope line of bling, and sat down with MTV Host Aliya-Jasmine and MTV’s Wardrobe Stylist Katie, to tell us all about it:

Describe the style of your jewelry:

I would best describe my jewelry as unique, I like my pieces to stand out and have the quality and detail that makes people want to wear it daily. I have pieces that can make a simple outfit feel like a million dollars and I have pieces that just add personality to people who wear them.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is all over the map, it really depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning and what I have planned in my day. But the same goes for my designs. I like quality and detail in my clothes. you will never find me wearing anything with a big label across my chest or anything of that sort. Layering is something I do a lot along with textures. Right now Im hanging out in my terrace in Nike sweats and it feels so good to have a day off and not be on a plane traveling in fancy clothes.

We’ve seen your jewelry on MTV’s Aliya-Jasmine, how do you guys know each other?

We actually met through Twitter – then in a conversation I found out that she’s also Persian which made sense why we get along SO WELL. Its funny because I have made a lot of good relationships via twitter for business and personal. Nothing too crazy…Please don’t talk to strangers!!!

Let’s take it back five years… what were you doing?

Wow I was in school at George Brown College taking Special Events and Destination Tourism and working part time at Mercedes Benz Dealership. Planning to leave Toronto one day and travel the world and work.

How did you start working with Amber Rose?

We were actually friends before I started working with her. I got to work with her on a magazine cover and style her in DBK jewelry, which was a dream come true – being her biggest fan. We really clicked and kept in touch. A couple months later I was on a plane to Los Angeles with 2 suitcases starting a new chapter in my life.

Describe your friendship:

We have a super close relationship which is amazing, I look at her as my big sister and my best friend. Amber is definitely a person who you can talk to and she will never judge you, while always giving you the brighter/positive side of it and making you feel better. I am the Protective Mother who is known as the “Bitch” who puts my hand in front of cameras when Amber is the sweet innocent one wanting to take pictures with her fans even when our flight is departing any minute.

Does Amber wear your jewelery?

OF COURSE! She wears it everyday!! Not because of me, but because she likes the designs. We have the whole Behind Her Shades team in DBK jewelry, also other close friends Wiz khalifa and the whole Taylor Gang.

How do you have time for DBK?

In assistant world there are no days off or down time. I have this conversation with my close friend Courtne who is also Assistant to Drake. So a lot of the creative part happens in my head with the inspiration I get from traveling. I make time for DBK by not sleeping at night and catching up on sleep on my plane rides. Amber is also involved in fashion – so sometimes we incorporate DBK in what we’re doing.

When you’re getting ready for a night on the town what music are you listening to?

I just like great music in general, someone I find myself listening to a lot lately is Wiz Khalifa,  not only does he have good music – he’s a hip hop hippy with positive energy, and a good friend of mine.

Every girl should have:


Sorry Im being silly, in the fashion world its a watch, nothing too fancy.

Your outfit is never complete without:

A Ring.

In five years where do you see yourself?

Retired on an island… Wow thats a long time from now… My life has changed so much in the last 6 months its kind of scary thinking that far. Definitely doing DBK Jewelry on a bigger scale, still working hard and being closer to my dreams. Being successful because failure is not on my map!

Where can we buy your jewelry?

My site is currently under construction, you can view my site here. But for purchases its best to contact me via Twitter. I read each and every one of my mentions and respond back as long as its appropriate. See twitter is a good place to meet and make business happen : )

Be sure to keep your eye on Behind Her Shades in LA and JacFlash in Toronto – DBK jewelry is arriving in store soon!


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