May 26, 2011

Heidi Klum Wants You To Look At Her On The Daily, John Edwards is a Better Slime-Bag Than Schwarzenegger and Boyz II Men Stay on Their Grind. These and More of Today’s Headlines RIGHT NOW:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries announced their engagement today with a People magazine cover. According to the mag they’ve been dating six months and Kris proposed with rose petals, a 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz sparkler and some glittery mini-horses (of course). Awe how nice. When asked how she knew he was the one, Kim said when she found out his name was Kris with a “K” it was a match made in heaven. (People)

As if GOOP wasn’t annoying enough, now Heidi Klum is taking up the, “look at my life, isn’t it amazing” M.O. At least she isn’t wearing make up in some of her posted pics, small victories people! P.s. those caricatures fully frighten me. (Vogue)

Moschino is now making accessories for puppies. No not like bras or nipple tassels, actual dogs. You know woof woof? (Fashionista)

Forget Schwarzenegger, John Edwards was a slime-bag well before Arnie, and he was even better at it. I am particularly obsessed with Johnny’s situation because of all the extra dirt: sick wife, money laundering, making the best friend take the rap, Rielle’s need for publicity, the fact that they are probably together right now, the list goes on and on. Well now playboy is getting hammered for paying Rielle to keep quiet. That worked out really well didn’t it. (New York Times)

Chanel is calling their new line of purses “boy” bags. I am not sure I understand; these bags are not for boys, so they are boys themselves? And how can they be both “androgynous” and “masculine”? Those terms are mutually exclusive. Did they have a gender to begin with? This annoys me. Why not just call them minimalist? (Bag Snob)

Boyz II Men really will do anything these days. First they sing back up for Biebs, and now they join Kimmel to say good-bye to Oprah. Don’t get me wrong this is hilarious but Boyz stop cutting yourselves short – you’re Grammy winners for crying out loud! Oh well, I guess now that they’re a 3-some, another day another dollar. (Pop 2 It)

Louis Vuitton’s new ad campaign features teenagers instead of the usual famous models and actors. See this is the problem with the world; you dress up 16 year olds like they are mature adults and confuse women into thinking looking like this is attainable. Teenagers cannot afford Louis Vuitton; these ads are targeted at successful women. They see these ads enough, and everyone turns into Joan Rivers and Janice Dickinson. You can’t look 16 when you are 40, period! (Fashionologie)

Do you suffer from GLHD? Not sure, well then use this flowchart accordingly. Yes I said flowchart. JUST DO IT! You’ll thank me later. (Huffpost Style)

Written by the awesomely amazing Jessica Di Clemente.

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