May 20, 2011

Iris Apfel is Being Accused of Plagiarism; I’d Call it Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile Gwyneth Paltrow’s Legs Belong at the Jersey Shore and Forbes Thinks Lady Gaga is More Powerful Than Oprah. These and Other Style Headlines.

Iris Apfel has been accused of ripping off a Hanna Bernhard Toucan brooch in her newest HSN Collection and Hanna isn’t taking this lying down. She took to her own blog, and enlisted friend Jane Aldridge, to publically shame Iris. First of all, that brooch is ugly … jus sayin’. Secondly, Iris is basically a freaking fossil. Isn’t it possible that the old timer is just confused? (Sea of Shoes)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s legs look like they’ve gotten the Jersey Shore treatment. I’m serious it looks like Dj Pauly D rang out his pillowcase on her shins. (Racked)

Yikes! Anna Dello Russo shakes her non-existent booty and tells us all, “we need a fashion shower,’ whatever that means. So much fontrum. (Tokyo Fashion Diaries)

Seriously I am about to lose it with this Botox ‘Mom’. She has surpassed the top spot on my shit list and has been inducted into the Shit List Hall of Shame. How the hell did you figure you were going to make money off pretending to abuse your daughter? Idiots I tell you. (TMZ)

Forbes says that Lady Gaga has dethroned Oprah as the most powerful celebrity, citing Gaga’s ‘social media presence’ as the deciding factor. Sure Gaga has a lot of facebook friends but who is going to be on Air Force One with Obama getting the hell out of here when the world ends? Opes that’s who. Maybe Gaga could take cover in her egg? (Refinery 29)

Jennifer Lawrence has become brunette for her role as Katniss in the Hunger Games film. Praise Jesus, now I can finally stop mistaking her for Stephanie Pratt. (Stylelist)

If you haven’t checked out the crazy hilarious Jessica Di Celemente: DO IT NOW.

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