June 13, 2011

Kate Moss Loves Her Some Gypsies, Jessica Biel is a Douche and Angelina Jolie is a Liar! Style Headlines Du Jour:

I love how everyone just knows Jessica Biel is a douche. It’s common fact. Who else would try to land Gerald Bulter and fail? Seriously JB is Debbie Desperate, always has been. How else is she supposed to further her non-existent career? (Celebitchy)

Brooke Burke tells Redbook that she has the secret to getting your bikini body back after 4 kids. Yeah, okay! You want to know the real secret? C-section/tummy-tuck every single time. They all do it! (Fox 411)

Kate Moss is so amazingly cool. Only she would host her bachelorette party at the Isle of Wight Festival and make it a ‘Big Fat Gyspy Wedding’ theme. Tell me you’ve heard of the English Gypsies! I’m obsessed. (Popsugar)

Seriously, if you are trying to convince me that Angelina Jolie is not wearing make-up in her new Louis Vuitton ad you are off your freaking rocker! I’m not buying it! I may be biased, as I am not the one to pick up anything the Jolie-Pitts are laying down, but trust me they play the game. Are they Martyrs? Hell no, they just have the best publicist in the business. I told you home-wreckers prevail! (US)

Did you watch the Tony’s last night? Yeah me neither, because I am normal and was watching Dallas make history. Anyway Catherine Zeta- Jones made an appearance looking utterly gorgeous. I’ve been told I look like her. Just last week an older lady told me I look like CZJ in her ‘Zoro’ days; clearly she was kissing my ass. But man, sometimes your ass just needs a lil’ kissing. (Stylelist)

OMG this really grinds my gears. Why is there a need for a Full-figured Fashion Week? Does this mean I can call regular fashion week ‘Emaciated-Figured Fashion Week’? I mean seriously, why can you sell size 00 but argue that selling size 16 promotes unhealthy living? Puhhhlease! (The Cut)

Written by the hilarious & talented Jessica Di Clemente

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