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July 28, 2011

Celebrity Stylists

Hey, hey, hey. Let’s give some credit to the people responsible for making your favourite ‘fashion icons’ look the way they do. read more…

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July 27, 2011

MTV FORA FASHION POLICE: Officers Phil & Jonathan S.

Phil Tetro and Jonathan Morton-Schuster search and arrest the poorly dressed folks of downtown Toronto. And boy, do them folks deserve it.


*video shot & edited by Max Kopanygin*

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July 27, 2011


This is your girl Ashley Olsen sporting The Row’s $39,000 backpack. Yes, that’s right. THIRTY NINE THOUSAND. So we’ll just sell our cars, forget about college and live in a swamp. Actually, we’re sure we’d fit into the swamp quite well, seeing as the bag is made from crocodile skin.

Or, other things you can buy for $39,000… read more…

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July 27, 2011

Breaking News: Ke$ha Washes Her Hair, Ben Affleck’s Hair Looks Stupid and Gaga’s Hair is Falling Out! These Are Your Style Headlines Du Jour.

Straight up, what the hell is happening on Ben Affleck’s head? Seriously, I have never seen him look so unattractive. (People)

Wow. Ke$ha looks pretty great in these photos by Terry Richardson. I’m kind of shocked. Shower more often girl! (Buzz Feed)

Only Ashley Olsen could pull off pairing a Canadian Tuxedo and Birkenstocks with a $39,000 backpack, with ease at that. (PopSugar)

According to OK! Magazine Lady Gaga is taking Rogaine because her hair is falling out as a result of too much bleaching. I mean I buy it, it could be true, but when did Rogaine become a medication one takes? I thought it was a roll-on like in The Hangover. “Using of the Rogaine, check!” (OK!)

Joe Jonas dates a model and becomes a model. Life imitating love? (Vogue)

Michael Kors has teamed up with Fossil to create a jewelry line. You know Fossil the store with all the watches? Yeah I thought it was a weird collaboration too. (Fashionologie)

The reverse braided top bun? Yes it’s a thing! And I am into it! (Refinery 29)

Written by the incredibly witty & marvellously opinionated Jessica Di Clemente.

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July 27, 2011

MONOCHROMACHIC: Steal the Look – Model Off Duty – Asian Edition

I am always fascinated by Asian models. They might not have the big doe-y eyes or the perfect nose or the luscious lips, but their ‘different’ facial features are what make them stand out in the fashion world. We have seen the cute Hyoni Kang on Marc Jacobs’ runway, the elegant Liu Wen as the face of Estée Lauder, and the edgy Tao Okamoto on the cover of Vogue magazines. Not only that, they are also street-style photographers’ favorites when it comes to capturing that “model off duty” look. Here are some M-O-D outfit ideas inspired by these beauties: read more…

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July 27, 2011


In the year 2000 Britney was the queen of the world and so was her midriff. Fast-forward 11 years later and celebs are STILL rocking the trend, only a tad more conservative and about 90% more fashionable. read more…

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July 26, 2011

SPOTTED: A London Street Style Survey

London street style – couples edition! Which curbside couple’s fashions tickle your fancy? read more…

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July 26, 2011

Fendi is Solo in Remembering Amy, Alexander McQueen’s Kindness is Heavenly and Grace Coddington Dishes the Dirt. Style Headlines Coming Atcha!

Vogue Italia has named Rihanna Woman of the Year, stating she is an amazing role model and favoured contender for the Queen of Pop title. Um … okay, all I’m going to say is tickets for her Loud Tour were on Groupon and her recent contact with Chris Brown deems her no role model of mine. (Wonderwall)

The Pointy-Toe Pump is back with vengeance. I’m not sure I am supportive of this, A. because the point hurts my pinky toe and B. because no platform equals more pain. (FabSugar)

There is no doubt that Alexander McQueen is an angel. He left behind not only a legacy but also donated most of his estate to charity. Class act I tell you. (Fashionologie)

Grace Coddington has made serious bank in selling her memoir to Random House. This is a must-read for me. Why do you think her hair is so big? Because it’s filled with secrets! (New York Observer)

Fendi is one of the only fashion labels to officially comment on Amy Winehouse’s passing. Sharing a touching memory of the singer’s wit and sense of humour, the fashion house expressed their sadness over the loss of such a great talent. Bravo. (The Cut)

Kate Moss gets to live out the Carrie Bradshaw wedding fantasy, but BETTER. Praise Anna Wintour! (Modelinia)

Marquita Pring admits that she sometimes resorts to using padding to please clients. So even ‘plus-size’ models endure the pressures of the fashion industry. (HuffPost Style)

Style headlines exist because of Jessica Di Clemente. So check her out. Now.

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July 26, 2011


It’s the eternal battle. Betty or Veronica, Serena or Blair, Marilyn or Audrey … There are some that rock the blonde AND the brun flawlessly. Some others, on the contrary, should stick to what mama gave them. So, in light of Katy’s recent blonde-ization, we’re playing a little game of BLONDE or BRUNETTE? read more…

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July 26, 2011


A few things we want to say about Mara Hoffman’s Swim 2012 show at Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week: read more…

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