August 29, 2011

Headlines: John Mayer forgets his last name isn’t ‘Depp’, Gemma Ward continues to get acting jobs & Rafa Nadal makes me sweat.

Gwyneth Paltrow went native for a book signing in East Hampton over the weekend. Gwyn arrived looking like she had just stepped off the beach with wind-blown hair and very little make-up, a change for the usually decked out star. I think she looked fine, albeit a little crispy, but pretty nonetheless. Although don’t get it twisted, it may look this outfit was spontaneously put together but you and I both know this was planned. (Too Fab)

Wow, looks like LeAnn Rimes has gained some weight. PSYCH! Yeah, no she still looks like a 14-year old on steroids. (Us Magazine)

Yikes! What is happening to John Mayer? First of all, I don’t know if it’s just the baggy clothing but it looks like John hasn’t hit up Harley Pasternak for a workout in a while. Second, he literally looks like he smells bad; there might as well be squiggly odour line drawn around his body. And worst of all? I’m reminded of Spencer Pratt and am now worried John is spending all his money on crystals. Unsexy indeed. (ICYDK)

Oh no! Rebecca Minkoff is exploring the worlds of sunglasses and jewelry. How will my bank account ever survive? (FabSugar)

Rafa is modeling for Armani again. Sigh. I know I am probably alone in this but I think Nadal’s Armani ads trump David Beckham’s every time. Even the ones where they tried to bring in Posh to create some sort of Beckham-porn; Rafa’s are better. In my mind it’s Nadal for the win every time. (People)

Reports have been circulating that Gemma Ward will be cast in the anticipated upcoming film The Great Gatsby. Man, whatever happened to casting the best actor for the job? Do audition even still exist? (Fashionologie)

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