August 24, 2011

iPhone Adventures with Ishra: The KNOW?SHOW Teases Us With Spring 12

Brand managers, sales reps and the designers who put some of our favorite clothes on our backs know what time of year it is – market season! Market happens twice a year when the most hardworking people in fashion hustle to get the pieces in stores. The cruel part of it all? Waiting. Winter might be fast approaching but we already know what is happening for next year. KNOW?SHOW – Canada’s premiere lifestyle tradeshow brings some of the dopest lines from surf, skate and lifestyle labels under one roof and this year, media was invited to take a peek.


Faux or for real? Work hard and play harder. I felt like this poolside action (above) brought a little MAGIC (the biggest tradeshow that happens in the happiest place on earth: Las Vegas) to Vancouver.

Everyone is familiar with NYC’s GoodWood – a favorite of the hip hop industry. Not usually a fan of cute-sy jewelery – this lipstick chain matched my red pants and now lives on my neck. Did you the brand is owned by a woman? I learn something new everyday. Meet Kerri.

Herschel Supply Co., a Vancouver-based brand is blowing up literally. Only 10 months young — the classic, good-quality and affordable bags are everywhere. You might recognize the man to the left in this picture: It’s Colton Showers from MTV’s Peak Season.

TOMS are only growing – these are just some of the fun prints coming out for spring/summer 2012. Remember, for every pair purchased, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need.

With their company mantra being “Positively Energized”, all their goods made in Canada and many pieces containing mixed metals and black (my favorite colour) – I’ll be adding Uranium from Montreal, to my collection.

The brands coming out of Australia are really killin’ it and One Teaspoon is leading the pack. YBrands’s Anita showed me this leopard jumper making me dread the winter ahead. I can already see this being an Aliya-Jasmine outfit of the day post.

And of course, before leaving and dreading the winter ahead, I fell in lust with this TopShop silk skirt work by Kristine from Dela Cruz PR. I wanted it so bad, I offered to buy it off her right then and there. It didn’t go so well but if anyone locates this skirt, I’m more than happy to share my address and send some dollar bills your way.

Ishra Sharif is a freelance fashion writer and beauty brand builder from Vancouver, obviously, who wears suede shoes even when it’s raining.




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