August 12, 2011

Kate Middleton Wheels and Deals, Lady Gaga Just Looks Odd and Dianna Agron Continues to Mix it Up. These Style Headlines and More.

Wow. Good on you Kate Hudson. Rocking all white, showing off those legs only weeks after giving birth and looking amazing. I just love that she’s out on a date night and not in the gym 14 hours a day. Happiness is a good look. (Popsugar)

Trends really are cyclical. Remember back in the day when it seemed everyone was dying their hair blue or purple or pink? With Kool-Aid no doubt. Well LC brought it back, Kate Bosworth seconded her efforts, and now my new favourite vixen has joined the ranks. Dianna Agron, edgy looks good on you. (People)

Whoa. Lady Gaga looks ‘normal’, whatever ‘normal’ means. It’s awkward. I don’t think I like it. Is she trying to be a Donatella clone? (TMZ)

Honestly all the lack of eye contact, socially awkward behaviour and mumbling aside; the girl gives incredible face. She’s stunning, breathtakingly beautiful. I’m getting a young Pricilla Presley vibe. (W Magazine)

Kate Middleton honours her hubby’s mother by hooking up Camilla Al-Fayed with designer Issa, who is responsible for making the Duchess look drop-dead. Wrap dresses for everyone!!! (The Daily Beast)

Written by the witty & opinionated Jessica Di Clemente.

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