October 24, 2011


As a makeup artist, obviously Halloween is my FAVE.  So, over the years at MTV I’ve been more than pleased that all of my colleagues and MTV hosts are all super into Halloween as well.  I thought I would go back into the archives and give you a little retrospective of some of the Halloween makeup I’ve done over the years (and perhaps provide you with a little inspiration as well!)

Here we have host of MTV MovieNews, Johnny Hockin.  He makes a pretty great zombie

but I think the year I did him up as Russell Brand was my favorite:

The always lovely Sharlene Chiu of Sharlene VS and MTV News is always game for fun makeup and costumes… here she is as Bjork (with me as a member of KISS who only lasted a year)…

Karen O (from the YeahYeahYeahs)…

and another pic of us together… I’m Florence from Florence and the Machine and Sharlene is “16 And Pregnant”

I like to dress as obscure characters that keep people guessing… this is my version of ‘The Spirit of Jazz’ from a British TV show called The Mighty Boosh…

and MTV MovieNight producer Rob Hynes & I had a tandem costume a few years ago… KISS at a barbeque.  I’m a member of KISS that Gene Simmons fired after only one year.

Here’s an MTV intern sporting a quick skull makeup that was Halloween inspired…

A few years ago, Daryn Jones hosted MTV Live as an accident victim…

Here’s the infamous Jessi & Dan (from MTV’s Aftershow) pic of the two of them as Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise:

MTV News’ Aliya-Jasmine as a Warrior

Amy Winehouse

and Katy Perry

I think I may have the most fun with Paul The Intern’s makeup.  Here he is as The Joker

and as a witch


Clean up… 

After hours of partying, pretending you’re a fictional character, and waking up with face-paint stained pillows,use Clean & Clear ® Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes to clean it all off. Off your face, that is. Your pillowcase – your problem.

Hopefully this puts you in the mood to dress up and have fun… I would really love to see your costumes this year!  Tweet ‘em at me, wouldja?  And remember to not check what that creepy noise is upstairs while you are alone in the house.  MUAH HAH HAH!!!!


Love and false lashes,



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