February 7, 2012

PULLTEETH TUESDAY: 4 Male Fashion Bloggers You May Not Know (But Should)

We all know the top players of the male blogging world. Although there is no denying the staying power of Bryan Boy or Prince Pelayo, sometimes it’s nice to have a little perspective in your go-to fashion blogs. Although seeing these boys living fabulous lives in all the clothes we wish we could afford, it’s good to take a step back and admire some of the humble, hard working, and simply stylish boys left in the dust. Here are my four picks of male fashion bloggers you need to add to your daily reads.




Giuliano of Hhholy is my current favorite fashion blogger. His sometimes broken english is super endearing and he gives a pretty open book on his day to day life. His most amazing post (by far) is his photo diary of his time in Paris when he was working at The Row’s showroom. I mean, seriously. This dude rules. Plus he rocks a pretty flawless ponytail. If you’re more of a tumblr type of person follow his page Viutiful. If you’re ever having trouble getting dressed in the morning, his tumblr archive is the perfect source of inspiration. Trust me.




Daniel is one half of We Have No Style, a personal style blog following two fashion forward teens. Daniel seriously knows how to rock a good monochromatic look, and definitely isn’t afraid to test the trends of the runways on himself. Their website is beaaaaautifully formatted, each post looking as if it took them ages to create. A visually pleasing blog filled jam packed with inspiring looks. Love it.




Izzy of The Dandy Project is a street style photographer’s dream. Izzy himself has an impeccable taste for the details, never leaving any ends loose on his personal looks. When he’s not posting his own looks, he’s featuring young designers, shops, and brands that are appealing to any young man. He provides a voice and an outlet that any male fashion lover will adore. Plus, he knows his way around a good DIY project which is the true key to my heart.




Jamie of Oh Jamie is a super stylish party boy from Australia. His photo blog is basically like spending a day in his shoes, and damn does he make life look fun. Constantly at what seem to be the coolest parties on earth, Jamie perfectly captures the mood and setting of each one. When it comes to his personal style it’s pretty consistently dark, draped, and well styled. Can’t go wrong with that.




Did I miss any of your favorites? Spread the joy! Comment below with your favorite male fashion bloggers!

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