March 7, 2012

HEADLINES: Kaela Humphries Signs to Ford, Michelle Williams Has a New Man, and Taylor Swift Even Makes Being Half Naked Boring & Wholesome.

Eeks. Hot Harry and Usain Bolt doing the “Lighting Bolt” is too much for my Olympic obsessed heart to handle! 143 days people, 143 days! (Daily Mail)

Jesus, even her bikini is prim & proper. I have such a hard time negotiating this annoying ‘good girl’ image and the fact that she let John Mayer pee on/hit that. (Pop Sugar)

So down for these two to get down. Although I know they won’t warm my ice-cold heart like Marshall & Lily used to; pre season six to be exact. Post season five I just couldn’t make myself care about who Ted ends up with anymore. (Lainey Gossip)

Wowza! Where the hell did Kaela come from? She didn’t strike me as model material on KUWTK but I obviously overlooked her; the girl is gorgeous. Those eyes are hypnotizing, no? (People)

WUTTT? They aren’t married? Is this news to anyone else? I could’ve sworn they were lawful. (Lifeline Live)

Well, this is super creepy. AND I LOVE IT. Birthday present request: a Lindsay Lohan face morph. VJ4rawr puhlease make this happen! (BuzzFeed)

OH GAWD! If she already looks this busted at 18 image what 6 years will do to her face? (Too Fab)

This is the one and only reason I would give Kanye The Designer another second of my time. (Stylelite)

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