March 14, 2012

TORONTO FASHION WEEK: Oh, Adrian Wu, Where Do I Begin?

This collection brings to mind those quiet mornings when I gather my bedsheets to make my bed, after which the sheets flow down to skim the floor in what seems to be a sartorial dream.  Why didn’t I think of this first? 

Adrian Wu’s collection of couture(?) dresses lend themselves to what seems to be bed-linen apparel.

V for Vendetta? Anonymous? Walking down a blow up version of Candy Land? Some of the ideas are cute and fun, and they’d be great if only I could find a trace of consistency between the masks, set design, choice of footwear… and, of course, the garments in question.

The pyjama trend is no doubt a hit in fashion circles, so I’m sure it made sense to take inspiration from bedding and bed related textiles.

It might be safe to say that I have a vendetta against this collection.


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