April 18, 2012

HEADLINES: Demi Shows Her Face, Rihanna Shares Too Much, and Lara Stone Goes Over to the Dark Side.

This is what Victoria Bechkam calls a birthday cake. She also calls a plate of dry lettuce; lunch, so … (Twitter)


Even Bieber and Selena slobbering all over each other court-side couldn’t help the Lakers win. What is happening? Lakers NOT dominating, Bieber NOT performing miracles. It’s like you can’t depend on anything anymore. (Popsugar)


Is it just me? Or does Scarjo’s LBD make her boobies look weird? I’m just sayin the girls have looked better. (US Magazine)


People has named Kate Bosworth their Coachella Style MVP. It’s a safe choice, but it’s to be expected, we all know People is a kiss azz. Either way she will no doubt be thrilled, you know she’s been planning her outfits since January. (People)


Did I miss something? Did Doc and the DeLorean take us back to 2009? Because even back then this was pathetic. Now it’s just insane. (Daily Mail)


Demi finally shows her face. And promotes her intriguing new show she produced with Amanda de Cadenet called The Conversation, which obviously looks amazing to a dirty gossip like myself. However, the hypocrisy of it all is a great point; how can you promote the TRUTH when you still insist you were simply “exhausted”? Right? (Lainey Gossip)


Mariah’s BFF? Photoshop! Well, besides her “Lambs” of course. (Too Fab)


Ugh. Can Jay-Z please put Rihanna on a social media time-out? I mean topless pics are one thing, but this … Ground your girl – with no TV or phone. Cause this shiz is getting out of control! (Mirror)


Must we start these kids modelling right out of the womb? Have we forgotten Lindsay Lohan’s face or Britney’s bald head? (Styleite)


Lara Stone crosses over to the dark side. And the 80′s apparently. You like? (


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