April 12, 2012

HEADLINES: Jessica Still Hasn’t Popped, OPI Embraces Spiderman, and JPG’s Latest Project is with Diet Coke.

Chrissy Teigen made Brooklyn Decker a birfday cake out of donuts. Whether or not either of them actually ate it remains to be seen. (Instagram)


First of all “having” to train yourself to walk in flip-flops – #JessicaSimpsonproblems. Second, when did Jess and Ken forgive and forget? (US Magazine)


I literally could watch Anderson Cooper giggle all day! (People)


Oh good. Zac Efron has figured out the bra. Next up, learning that glass balconies are see-thru. (BuzzFeed)


Let’s be real, the person in charge of naming OPI nail polishes has the best job EVER. “Your Web or Mine?” AS IF you get paid to come up with this crap. (People Style Watch)


Caboodle, Bonne Belle, LipSmacker, Sun-in. If you said “awe I remember that” after each item I just named – YOU ARE A 90′s KID! Congrats on being badazz! Now check-in to see what our fave beauty brands of yesteryear are up to these days. (Racked)


B: Take my picture for Tumblr. J: On it! The Beyhive Memes have begun! (Styleite)


Word to anyone currently vacationing in Europe: Please snag me a JPG designed Diet Coke bottle? Pretty please? THANKS. (Fashionista)


Diet pill hack attacks model’s twitter accounts. Genius. Offside, yes, but still genius. (Fashin)


Scarjo tells Vogue she’s not over Ryan yet. It might be time to get over it. Jus sayin. (Popsugar)

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