April 4, 2012

HEADLINES: LC Goes Topless, Karl Gifts Adele Free Chanel, and Now You Can Wear Everything Iggy Azalea Wears.

Ta-da! It’s the world’s first shoppable music video. You can click and shop every look from ‘I Think She Ready’ – and it’s actually kind of (really) cool.


And in other news…


Channing Tatum and Sir Elton John get their bump & grind on. Yup, the guy from Step Up straight up gave Elton a lappie. (Daily Mail)


Lindsay Lohan’s inevitable future. Creepily enough it also took 6 years to ruin this face. Hollywood is a scary place. (Celebitchy)


Wow. Luca Cruz is really effing cute. And I’m not even into ‘fresh babies’. Frankly, most are all wrinkly like hairless cats. I believe babies do not reach their cuteness peak until 6 months or after. You know, so there is time for them to get all good and chunky. (People)


LC looks great/non-boring on the cover of Glamour. Girl should take off her clothes more often. (Glamour)


Rihanna is THAT girl. The girl who never listens to her girl friend’s advice about boys. The girl who always “agrees to disagree”. The girl that will listen while you plead with them not to go back, and then just does it anyway. You know THAT girl. We all know THAT girl. (Elle)


Really LOVE this yellow dress on Nicole. Very few could pull this off like ‘Billy’ does. Or is Nicole ‘Silly’ and Paris is ‘Billy’? Bah, whatever I don’t care enough to Google it. (Popsugar)


SO in love with RiRi’s pyjama look that I almost feel bad about calling her THAT girl. Almost. (Mirror)


Isaac Mizrahi misses the 90’s. Join the club. Club activities include, but are not limited to; Tamagotchi rearing, Pog slamming, Jawbreaker licking, Sunny D drinking, Tiger Beat reading and Power Rangers viewing. (Stylelist)


I REALLY want to believe Adele is cool enough to resist free Chanel on principle. I think she is. (The Cut)


Pro-ano blogs are the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Truly, the scariest. So good on Franca Sozzani for being publically anti. But, I can’t help but give a major eye roll at the hypocrisy of it all. (Styleite)

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