April 10, 2012

HEADLINES: Tavi Sings, Lana Slums (Again), and Becks Will Be the First Dude to Cover Elle UK Solo.

Watch out Suri Cruise, Harlow is on the scene and she poses (not scowls) for the camera. (Starpulse)


Tavi sings and stars in Wren’s new fashion film. Because Tavi is good at EVERYTHING. (Fashionista)


Casper Smart turned 25 this week. So JLO bought him a white pick-up truck, you know for all the landscaping and hauling he does. At least it kinda matches his ever present designer construction boots. (Lainey Gossip)


Those kids from Glee are in love for reals now? I guess I would know that IF I cared about Glee. But, I do care VERY MUCH about this black bikini and where I can purchase it. (PopSugar)


Jwoww keeps it classy at The Three Stooges première in a silver dress and a nice little updo. Apparently she has a cameo in the film … and all the original Stooges just rolled over in their graves. (Too Fab)


Blue Ivy on a boat beeecccchhh. Where she will spend about 80% of her lifetime. (US Magazine)


I can’t decide who is more disgusting, Axel or Marilyn. Lana why must you go after the most unattractive, unappealing men? Oh, I forgot, it’s cause your hipster as fackkkkk. (Pop 2 It)


Becks will be the first dude to be given his own Elle UK cover. Obviously, he’s prettier than half the women out there anyways! (Styleite)


Would you rock this Chanel backpack? Cher Horowitz totally would. It’s up to you whether that is a deterrent or a draw. (Purseblog)


In one of the most anti-climatic endings to fashion’s most publicized Guess Who game, Raf Simmons will take over the reigns at Dior. Wannn Wan. (The Daily Beast)

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