June 22, 2012

#FF: Clothes Encounters

Beginning in 2010 as the brainchild of super-friends Jenn Im and Sarah Chu, Youtube channel “Clothes Encounters” has since evolved into somewhat of an fashion v-log sensation, garnering nearly 9,000,000 video views and over 116,000 subscribers to date. Currently, the channel is run solely by 21 year old Jenn, who brings viewers a semi-frequent dose of DIYs, trend reports, and OOTDs. She often delivers these videos sporting a super high ponytail on the top of her head, which is plenty incentive to subscribe as well.




When it comes to Youtube “style” or “fashion” gurus, I am always wary. Can I stand to look at another pocket tank/floral high waisted skirt duo? Do I really want to see another high/low hemline paired with a denim jacket? The answer is most likely no.


And since Jenn’s wardrobe seems to be void of pocket tanks and the “just belt it” slogan written across her forehead, Clothes Encounters (from my perspective), is closer to the realm of interesting and unique amoungst a sea of nice, but generically dressed vlogger counterparts. Plus, her love of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, UNIF, and ~statement jewelry~ brings the homey qualities of the good ol’ fashioned style blog to the wonderful world of Youtube.




Constantly willing to try out more “daring” trends in tactful ways, Jenn also encourages and inspires her viewers to step out of their comfort zones and take some wardrobe risks. Although she cities a wardrobe favourite as being American Apparel’s Disco Pants, and consistently mentions items from Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and H&M, a great deal of Jenn’s closet is comprised of items she thrifts from Salvation Army. For many Youtube viewers used to being linked to the exact place in which they can make identical purchases, an inability to get their hands on the one-off pieces Jenn features in her videos may be a bit frustrating. But for those like me who are accustomed to the similar format of style blogs, I can appreciate Clothes Encounters as something that bridges the gap between the personal nature of blogs and the public, “guru-y” nature of Youtube vlogs.




In true ~Style Guru~ nature, of course, Jenn also frequently updates “Ways to wear” videos, in which she suggests how to wear trends like pastel…

… and leather…

… as well videos that offer suggestions to successfully transition outfits from day until night…

In videos like these, I always want to skim through them really quickly to just see her outfits, but  I can never bring myself to do it because her tone of voice is strangely really calming. But then again, I think I just accredit that to the fact she is a California Girl, and they are undeniable. And fine, fresh, and fierce. With it on lock. And daisy dukes and a bikini on top. Except not.




More than two years in and already super successful, Clothes Encounters may just be one-upping the written blog. All she needs is some dip dyed hair, and Miss. Im would be the epitome of a walking, talking, contemporary style blogger…or like, a ~Tumblr muse~. Which is pretty much the same thing, anyway.











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