June 1, 2012

#FF: Jean Greige

I’d like to introduce you to Madeline, a superior and majestic creature of some sort hailing from ~The City of Angels~, aka L.A., where ~where dreams come to life~.


Sometimes it’s hard for me to wrap my heads around how it’s humanly possible for one individual to be this cool, but Madeline seems to be capable of defying everything I’ve ever known about anything. Her blog, Jean Greige, (pronounced Jean Grey… like the X-Men character), is a carefully crafted alias that not only her highlights her “love of making clothing and total nerd side”, but also her “proclivity towards denim”.



She writes the occasional narrative, (the most recent wittily documenting her foray into the world of cool cowboy hats), and is unafraid to address relevant topics like cultural appropriation in fashion. In a sea of cookie-cutter style blogs, Jean Greige offers insight, intellect, and brain stimulation that invites you to think about her blog content instead of casually skimming over pictures on your RSS feeds. Oh, and she also sporadically dips her head in Kool-Aid and shows up with fluorescent hair, so that’s interesting too.


Of course, to document her wicked style (which is kind of like a gypsy/biker/warrior/hippie type of situation), the bulk of Madeline’s posts revolve around her daily outfits.



And her jewelry collection (which we’re pretty sure is the most impressive thing we’ve ever laid our beady little eyes on).



But the most refreshing thing about Madeline is her ability to acknowledge that fashion blogging as a construct is a generally really bizarre thing. Her success undoubtably comes from her outfit posts, but her honesty and integrity as an independent blogger definitely earns her brownie points as well.



Just to give you a bit more perspective as to why Madeline is so awesome, here are some of her impressive illustrations. Because she is an impressive illustrator.



And here is a video in which she demonstrates that she is an occasional beauty guru.



Oh, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned that she is also an online shop owner. So there’s that.


So, go now and follow Jean Greige. Bookmark it. Add it to your blogroll. Do what you please.


And just for kicks, here’s her Formspring because she’s also a pseudo-shrink and intelligent advice-giver.


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