June 29, 2012

#FF: Park & Cube

Shini Park is the mastermind/supergirl-designer behind the impeccably crafted fashion/beauty/food/travel blog, Park & Cube. And when I say impeccably crafted fashion/beauty/food/travel blog, I really mean it. From her masterful camerawork to the actual content of her photography, Park & Cube is so beautiful it almost hurts.





“Tectonic Activity”

Wearing the Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony boots of my dreams, Shini says that the added 5 inches of the heel allows her to “sniff the nearest bakery before the rest of the herd can”. So that’s two notable things to be jealous of in one post.


“1 Piece, 3 Looks”

As her longtime collaboration with Uniqlo continues, Shini informs us that a) mint is a herb and b) she will continue to provide us with marshmallow outfits in copious doses 4ever.





“Dip in the Jam Jar: DIY Gradient Nails”

Shini made sure to specify that this is her skin-clipped-along-with-nail-hence-the-blood-stain-effect” look, and NOT her *Berry Kiss’d* or *Sunset Flicker* or *Unicorn Fart* look. Nicely put, Shini. Straight to the point.


“A Dash of: DIY Pastel Hair” 

Hopping on the pastel hair bandwagon in a practical way. No peroxide here, folks.






I am no culinary expert so I can’t really identify what Shini is eating at “Aqua Kyoto”, but oodles of impeccably shot food fotos from her trip make the unidentifiable things look really great and attractive and edible nonetheless.






I am well aware that many of you are /le sighing/ at yet another majestic photo of the Eiffel Tower, but this one is different. Kind of. From Milan to Berlin, Shini informs us that she doesn’t professionally loiter in different cities for the sake of her blog. But then again, if I was a professional world-city-loiterer, I wouldn’t admit it either.





instagram: @parkncube

twitter: @parkncube




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