July 17, 2012

Your Comprehensive Guide To Dressing Head To Toe In Pizza Clothing

You know when your friends are all like “if you love pizza so much, why don’t you just marry it?” And then you shake your head at the idiocy of the idea of marrying pizza! Ha. You certainly can’t marry pizza (in Canada, at least). But you can wear it. Lots of it.



Pizza T-Shirt

This pizza t-shirt is also available in vegetarian. If that’s what you prefer.

Pepperoni / Veggie $39.99



Pizza Athletic Wear

We don’t know if either of things actually exist. Maybe you can DIY them.

Mystery pizza sweatshirt / Mystery pizza shoes



Pizza Accessories

Unfortunately, the pizza beret is not a real thing as far as we know. But this pizza coin purse is so real! So real!

Pizza coin purse $6 / Mystery pizza beret



Pizza Pants

What’s great about this photo is the model’s super serious swag. But, pizza is no joking matter, we suppose.

Pizza leggings $58



Pizza Rain Protection

This isn’t real. Also, can’t tell if it’s appetizing or repulsive. Do you know the answer?

Mystery pizza umbrella



Pizza Necklace

If pizza is something you hold close to your heart, you should probably wear it… close to your heart.

Pizza necklace $7.50



More Pizza Jewelry

Imagine getting proposed to with a pizza ring? That would just be *THE BEST*

Pizza ring $14.95 / Pizza bobby pins $12.95 / Pizza earrings $7



Pizza Lip Balm

Because the only thing better than kissing someone with a minty fresh mouth is kissing someone with pepperoni lips.

Pizza lip balm $3



A Pizza Cat Collision

And if you’re looking for something to really kill on Tumblr, you should get on of these pizza cat shirts. Because everything is better and more ~Internet~ with cats.

Pizza cat shirt / tank $22



Things You Can Say To People Wearing Pizza Clothes

“Nice TOPpings”

“Did you spend all your hard earned DOUGH on that?”

“See you at the Pizza HAT”

“Do those shoes help you make your deliveries in 30 minutes or less?”

“Under my mozzarella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh”



Next time: Your Comprehensive Guide To Dressing Head To Toe In Hamburgers. Yummy.

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