October 12, 2012

#Trending: Parody Designer Shirts

We’ve been conditioned to recognize every major fashion label’s logo, from the famous LV to the signature double C’s of Chanel. But we think it’s time for you to switch it up and have found some perfectly *ironic* faux-logo tees you should sport instead. Here’s a guide to some very punny fashion tees.





Paris Homies T-Shirt / Anti Anti

The original Hermes logo is far too ordinary.  Here is one your homies will definitely appreciate.



Louis Vuitton

Lord Voltemort Tank / Anti Anti

The infamous dark lord has infiltrated Louis Vuitton’s logo.  I would tell you who, but I think saying his name is strictly prohibited.




NYC Paris London JK Tokyo LA

Celine me alone!!




Killer Condo / Anti Anti

Chanel *ahem* channel your inner 666 with this Lagerfeld inspired number.  ‘Tis the season, right?




Killer Condo

The Legend’s League ‘Free Gucci Mane’ is no longer (rip) but you can still get a fake Gucci tee and not even be ashamed about it.



Comme des Garcons


Probably the most recognized of this collection of shirts.  Also available in hat form, toques FTW.




WHYSL / 5Preview

Very punny.



Miu Miu


I’m glad Miu Miu reminded someone else of meow meow, I thought maybe I was the only one.





Cavier, Cartier… same difference.




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