November 6, 2012

10 Reasons Why Solange Is The Coolest Person Of All Time, Ever.

Yeah, yeah, she’s Beyonce’s lil’ sister. But don’t let that fool you. She’s so, so much more. From her Disney Channel beginnings to her ‘blipster‘ Brooklyn life, here are ten really important reasons to fall in love with the other Knowles lady.



1. She made Beyonce and Jay-Z attend a Grizzly Bear concert. So #indie

Photo: Merry Swankster



2. She gets to babysit this little cuteface. (it’s Blue Ivy Carter incase you don’t know anything about the world…)

Photo: Carter Family



3. She’s collaborated with the Dirty Projectors and Of Montreal.



4. Her blog. It’s called My Damn Blog. It’s super damn good.

Photo: My Damn Blog



5. She looks like she just stepped out of 1977 a lot of most of the time.

Photo: My Damn Blog



6. Her dance moves in this video are so awkward but also THE BEST.



7. She’s a DJ. Yeah, everyone is a DJ. But Solange is legit. She is.

Photo: H&M



8. She sang the theme song for The Proud Family on The Disney Channel which was really important and relevant at the time. The more you know!




Photo: My Damn Blog



10. Her friends seem pretty damn rad, too.

Photos: My Damn Blog



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