January 29, 2013

CONTEST | Send Us Your Awkward Couples’ Portraits, Win A Diana F+ Camera

Photo: fayeusokoi on Lomography

This year’s Valentine’s Day isn’t about being sexy or romantic or even sentimental. No, this year it’s all about being awkward. That’s right. Lomography Canada and MTV FORA (that’s us) have a vested interest in seeing the absolute most awkward couples’ portraits you can create – and, in return, we’ll hook you up with a Diana F+ (Valentines Edition, obviously).


Peruse through Awkward Family Photos, if you must, to gather some awkward inspiration, and show us your best. We don’t care if it’s a photo of you, or your awkward friends, or your awkward parents. Just make sure it’s… you know… #Awkward


Contest runs:  January 29th until February 7th

How to submit: If you’ve got a Lomography account, enter here. Otherwise send us your photos at

Film/camera type: Any analogue photo, not digitally enhanced or manipulated. Authentic awkwardness only, people.

Entry limit: You’ve got a maximum of 5 photos to prove your awkwardness.

What you’ll win: We will select all of our favourite awkward photos to be featured on MTV FORA come V-Day, along with an exhibit at the Lomography Gallery Store in Toronto. Further to that, the best/most awkward entrant will win The Diana F+ Love Letters.


We’ve selected some examples from Awkward Family Photos to get your heart pumping:

Left: If you want your wife to know she’s on your mind, literally overlay her image onto where the human mind is located.

Right: Dude is like “what have I gotten myself into”?


Left: Go team!

Right: No, team.


Left: Girl is snoozing, for real.

Right: omg this happened more than once.


And get your pets involved because animals are people, too!




@LomographyCan & @MTV_FORA

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