February 14, 2013

Awkward Couples’ Portraits: An MTV FORA x Lomography Gallery

Just a couple of weeks ago, we asked you to submit awkward photos of you and your ~lover~ (or other lovers) so we could share them with The Internet, and choose one funny couple to win a Diana F+ Camera. Most of the photos were just really cute (stop it, you and your cute couple-ness) but a pretty impressive amount of them were super silly/awkward/strange. Here are our favourites:




Pulling a Bieber Boob Grab! How relevant! Best. 5 gold stars.

Submitted by Melina




Couple on the left: into it. Boy on the right: calling his friends, making other plans. Girl in the middle: not impressed.

Submitted by caseylynette 




“Let’s wear this nineties windbreaker at the same time because ~*what’s mine is yours*~.”

Submitted by zoezo





“Babe, can you braid my bangs while I read you this poem?”

Submitted by badjuju


Cute couple!

Submitted by megs79


Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s special.

Submitted by fayeusokoi


This couple totes looks like Will & Kate.

Submitted by susielomovitz


This couple totes looks like Andy & Marilyn.

Submitted by walasiteodito



Submitted by Fram



Submitted by badjuju


“Did I say something wrong?”

Submitted by blueskyandhardrock


Just having a dance.

Submitted by philippa


These guys and their newborn pumpkin…

Submitted by carly4eyes


This couple shares everything, faces included.

Submitted by colagold


Dude, that’s a dustpan. BBQing: you’re doing it wrong!

Submitted by fufoo


Hahaha, the wonders of water.

Submitted by heart2heart


This couple rules.

Submitted by suzielomovitz


Feel like this is kind of inappropriate… but, what?

Submitted by an_lai_drew


Things get awkward when there’s a dead turtle involved.

Submitted by caseylynette


This couple is in a fight.

Submitted by ihave2pillows


This couple is JUST MARRIED!!

Submitted by kylethefrench


This couple is just absolutely adorable, not awkward, just adorable.

Submitted by lavale1974


Thanks, guys, for entering! You’re all amazing and you deserve to have the happiest Valentine’s Day ever.




p.s. Check out all of the submissions here, and if you live in Toronto, pop by the Lomography Gallery Store to see the winners displayed IRL.



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