April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos

Spoiler Alert: The following post contains questionable 90s hair, Tupac in a white suit, and way too much organza + taffeta to be sartorially sane. But If there’s anything that this throwback has taught us (other than the fact that cow print and blue hair don’t mix) it’s that even celebs can’t escape the inevitably awkward photo ops associated with prom. So embrace the camera, maybe throw in a Cara face for good measure, and werk your prom hair – because even if you’re Princess Riri, you’ve got nothing on awkward prom photos.




Janis Ian for Prom Queen! 

Source: Shine.Yahoo / Mean Girls 

The set of Mean Girls wasn’t the only time Lizzy Caplan got her prom on. Moooo(ve) over Regina George, Janis enters the race for prom queen backed with frosted tips and blue-haired man candy.



Badgal Riri

Source: MTV/ Ticketmaster

Before coming into her #badgalriri persona, the Barbadian songstress was shining bright like a pre-teen diamond. Romantic card-board cut-out clouds, an organza backdrop, and a carnation corsage… this must be the time she found love in a hopeless place.



A Kardashian Prom

Source: Frazer Harrison/ Hot107.7

Our favourite mommy-to-be Kimmy Kim did the prom thing with her highschool sweetheart TJ Jackson, son of Tito Jackson. One can only image the endless /possibilities/ in reality TV that could have come out of this merger of eccentric celebrity clans. But alas, baby Kimye was destined to be born, and wear super cute things for us to blog about.



Broken Prom-ises 

Source: US Magazine/ Boy Meets World

Three cheers for former Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel who pulled a Sadie Hawkins at her senior prom and asked her man to the dance. Even more props because that guy was N’Sync teen dream Lance Bass.

Allegedly the singer agreed to the date, and then cancelled on Danielle due to touring commitments. Lucky for Tapanga the schedule changed, and a week later three dozen roses showed up at her door with a message that said “Plans have changed… Can I take you to prom? Check yes or no.” Cute. Super cute.



California Love 

Source: Ron Galella 

Reason #567 why Tupac rules:

In 1996, an admirer sent Tupac a letter to his fan mail address expressing how much she loved his music. At the end of the letter she jokingly suggested he should take her to prom because her less-than-gentlemanly bf had dumped her. One month and three bandanas later, Tupac showed up at the girl’s door, gave her $1500 to buy a dress, and then returned on prom night to whisk her away in a limo.

That, and the fact that he kills it in overalls, are two more reasons why Tupac is king.



The Pre Gaga Prom 

Source: Nastyl Gal Blog 

And yet another picture of Lady G looking like a different person. No surprise here, we still don’t really know what she truly looks like…



Not a Girl, Not Yet A Women

Source: Jason Merritt 

Awkward smile then… awkward smile now…



Make it or Blake it 

Source: Fan Pop/ Neilson Barnard

Even a used pair of magical jeans would have been a better prom option than Blake’s pink (and ruffle-vomiting) sparkly number.






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