July 30, 2013

The Evolution of Kirsten Dunst

~She’s sexy, she’s cute, she’s popular to boot.~ Maybe that’s why Kirsten Dunst scored Brad Pitt as her first kiss. Pop culture’s edgiest darling says “bring it on” to the beast that is Hollywoodland. Slaying fashion, film, and fame in both the indie and mainstream varieties, K-Dunst welcomes stardom with arms wide open. She’s enchanted the world’s most beloved auteurs, starting with Woody Allen at age seven and Sofia Copolla twice over. She’s Lula magazine’s official dream girl and the unofficial icon of a generation. From Jersey to L.A. – with a pit stop at Versailles – here is the evolution Kirsten Dunst.


Header Image: Vogue Italia/ Annie Leibovitz


From Womb to Warner Brothers 

FIRST: Press play to watch a fresh-faced Dunst “poppin” in the above commercial. And again.

SECOND: Know that three-year-old Kirsten was the rambunctious type. Full of energy and fond of the eccentric, her mother enrolled her in acting classes in hopes of taming her //wild child//. Dunst’s first major gig- a staring role in a 90′s cereal commercial landed the actress a Ford modelling contract. #NBD. She soon established herself as a regular commercial kid (re: Baby Doll Surprise) and by age seven she was already headed for the big leagues. Winning over none other than Woody Allen, Dunst scored her big screen debut as a glorified extra in the Oedipus Wrecks segement of New York Stories.



Loves Bites 

Source: Getty images/ imdb 

Relocating from Point Pleasant, New Jersey to the bright lights of Tinsel Town, the Dunst family went all or nothing for their daughter’s career. Before long, the Jersey girl had all of Hollywood under her spell, working her way onto set with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. She rocked a totally 90’s off-the-shoulder velvet number to her Interview with a Vampire (1994) premiere, and shared her first kiss on set with Angie’s current squeeze. It was that moment the world realized we’d found our star.



Coppola Cult

In the five years following her Interview fame, Dunst got her game on in the most terrifying movie of my childhood: Jumanji (1995). She tried her hand at TV with guest appearances on Touched by an Angle, ER, and Gun. By the time 1999 rolled around, the rising star had blossomed into a ~*young lady*~.

Like fate, that was also the time when Sofia Copolla began her search for an angelic blonde to play the lead in her directorial debut: The Virgin Suicides. The film marks a transition in Dunst’s life and career.

Becoming Lux Lisbon, she went from the all-American sweetheart to a leading lady in Hollywoodland, permently cementing her status as a stone fox. Years later, her VS character continues to captivate the Tumblrverse and Blogosphere. Word on the street is Tavi is a major fan too.





Because she was ~bitchin’, great hair, the boys all love to stare~ Dunst snagged the leading role as T-T-T-Torrance in the cult classic Bring It On (2000). She became an icon in teen culture and soon established herself as a household name playing Spidy’s leading lady in 2002. Thanks to the Spiderman franchise’s box office success, Dunst was able to venture into the lesser-paying world of independent films. With a role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind under her belt, the Jersey-born actress could boast both indie clout and blockbuster success.



Spider Woman

Who else could con Ellen Degeneres to squeeze into a child-sized Spidy suit on national television? It happened at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards…but Ellen waited till 2006 to get her revenge, talk show style.



Let Them Eat Cake 

Source: IMDB

Ready to tackle something new, Kirsten Dunst channeled her inner monarch and kept clam, and carried on, acting in Sophia Coppola’s fashion-filled foray into the historical genre. Although critics at the French premiere were divided on how the film portrayed their French heritage, style-obsessed teens ate up every macaroon and designer shoe. To the critics: let me eat cake!



Miu Muse

Source: JustJared 

In 2008 K-Dunst was scouted as the face of Miu Miu. Her porcelain complexion and leggz 4 dayz made the campaign an instant hit. Side note: those gladiator sandals tho… (Y)



Lady Lula 

Source: Vogue Italia/ Lula Magazine 

Evidently, Dunst’s post-Versailles evolution was in a natural progression into fashion icon status. Every international mag from Vogue to Bullet was chasing down the bonafide film star for a glimpse inside her captivating life. The best of the best was undoubtedly the time Dunst acted as guest editor for Lula Magazine. Her hazy editorial seems straight out of a dream. Combine that with her love for sepia tones and the mag was dying to crown her their *offical* dreamgirl.



The Art of Being Kirsten Dunst 

In 2001, the actress educated Conan & company on the art of being Kirsten Dunst. She talked about Lars von Trier, her new film, and about becoming a German citizen! That’s right, Kirsten Dunst is an official German citizen as of 2011 and can in fact speak frequently in German curse words. Conan on the other hand…



On The Road

Source: Perez Hilton 

They met on the road. Kind of. While filming the 2012 cinematic adaption of Jack Kerouac’s beatnik bible, girl met boy, boy liked girl, girl liked boy too – BOOM. The rest is history. The irony of the whole story is that Garrett Hedlund has been described by W magazine as “the next Brad Pitt” – aka, Kirsten’s first kiss. Full circle much!?



Defying Gravity

Source: IMBD 

From Woody to Coppola, to Lars von Trier, Dunst’s infectious charm has made her every director’s dream – and since day one, she’s proved to be so0oo ~future~. Take Marie Antoinette or The Virgin Suicides for example – two films that are much more appreciated years after their original release. When discussing the poor reception of Marie Antoinette, the actress claimed it was because the film was too ahead of it’s time, “society has such bad taste right now.”

In her newest blockbuster, Upside Down (2012) Dunst’s acting chops defy gravity both literally and figuratively. Playing the love interest of Jim Sturgess, she can’t seem to shake her “America’s Sweetheart” appeal. It’s okay K-Dunst, we love you for it! Set in a futuristic city she seems oddly more at home than here in Hollywoodland. Maybe that’s because she really is from the future. Just maybe.

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