September 9, 2013

What Ever Happened To: Mandy Moore

Having played a (semi) prominent role in our childhood, we should all be fairly familiar with Miss. Mandy Moore. Unfortunately (or not, I’m not too sure), she is one of those celebs that has just completely dropped off our radar. If you were an openly huge fan (or just considered her to be a guilty pleasure), you can attest to the fact that this bubblegum pop artist sang songs that helped us through ~~the tough days~~.

If our crushes ignored us…she’d be there to serenade us. If we had too many pent up emotions…”A Walk To Remember” would never fail to make us bawl. MM made us believe that tru luv was out there, and that in itself is enough for us to have some sort of fond feelings for her. 


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Ima just start us off with this killer track:

…… ….. ..



Early Life

Mandy (Amanda) was born a daughter to an airline pilot (Hey, same, wanna biffle?) and a former news reporter. Her classmates nicknamed her the “The National Anthem Girl” which is pretty nice and pretty cool.


Breaking Onto The Scene

After breaking into the recording industry with voiceovers and commercials, Moore signed with Sony in 1999. Her debut album, “So Real” included the infectious single “Candy,” and then was followed by 2000′s album, “I Wanna Be With You”.

“Candy” was described as “strangely provocative,” but considering the fact that I’m not even sure if she was pubescent in 1999, I really have no comment.


Moore toured with the Backstreet Boys throughout 1999. Unfortunately, at the time of her album’s release, reviewers considered Moore the latest in a series of heavily-marketed female teen singers described as “pop princesses,” A.K.A Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson.


Reminiscing on the albums, Moore said that although she believed that her first album was appropriate for her age at the time when she released it, but said it “sucked”. NAWW GRL, don’t be hard on yourself! Apparently, she said she “would give a refund to everyone who bought my first two albums” if she could. So…does that mean that…like…..I can get my 9 bucks back? I forgot my money for lunch.

No, but srsly.




Moore switched tracks. Now she wanted to act! She had roles in some teen romances: A Walk To Remember, How to Deal and Chasing Liberty.

In the millenium, Moore hosted a half-hour MTV talk show, The Mandy Moore Show, which was renamed “Mandy”. She was also a Neutrogena spokesperson…which is kind of irrelevant, but whatever. #goodskin

Source: Listal

2001: Moore appeared in “The Princess Diaries”, as the mean girl, Lana Thomas her character was mean to co-star Anne Hathaway. During the film, Moore’s character performs “Stupid Cupid,” which was on the film’s soundtrack.

2002: Moore had her first starring role in a major feature film, A Walk to Remember, which co-starred Shane West. At that summer’s MTV Movie Awards, Moore won an award for “Breakthrough Female Performance” for that role. She was ranked #67 in Stuff magazine’s “102 Sexiest Women in the World”. Word.

Source: Fan Pop

2003: Moore starred in the romantic comedy film “How to Deal”, which didn’t really attract any teenagers. Well I don’t remember it either come to think of it.

2004: Her next film was “Chasing Liberty”, a romantic comedy. Both “How to Deal” and “Chasing Liberty” received negative reviews; but once again, critics cited Moore’s performance positively, saying “it almost makes the movie worth seeing”. Other critics of “Chasing Liberty” noted that she was the “most painless of former pop princesses.” Later, Moore appeared in a lead role in the religion satire “Saved!” in which she played Hilary Faye, a proper and popular girl at a Christian school. A critic calling her a “demented delight”… In which she probably said “Oh, thanks bro!”


There are more, but these are the ones I remember. Everything post 2004 is just irrelevant.



Fashion “career”

In 2005, Moore decided to try her hand at ~*fashion*~ and started her own fashion line named Mblem., featuring knitwear and cashmere. The line was sold in over 500 specialty boutiques and in some department stores such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.

Source: Last.FM

In 2009, she announced that the line would be shutting down, but that she hoped to reenter the fashion world again under different circumstances in the future. A.K.A it was pretty much a huge fail?


Personal life

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Moore has been linked to Wilmer Valderrama, Andy Roddick, and Zach Braff. Referring to Braff, Moore said that she likes “good Jewish boy(s)… with a sense of humor.” Which is just UNCANNY, because I TOTES DO TOO!

Regardless, she got engaged to singer-songwriter Ryan Adams and they married in 2009. LOVE. TRU LOVE.



Source: The Fashion Spot

An open fan of mixed martial arts, Mandy often attends UFC events and is noted as one of the mainstream celebrities on hand. HAHA, sorry, what? Mandy Moore is a fighter? That is something I would probably pay money to see. #groupie



Source: I’m Not Obsessed/ College Candy

So this is pretty much what I think happened to Mandy.

1) She thought she could sing, so naturally she became a pop princess

2) She realized no one really cared about her

3) She started to act! And then people thought she was mentally challenged but super nice.

4) That career fizzled

5) Fashion, Dahling.

6) Nope.

7) Gets married. Because y nawt?

8) UFC fighter? K.

9) *Leaves room slowly while shaking head*



All I have to say is……… least she is sweet and charming.

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