March 23, 2012

3 STEP HAIRSTYLE: Lana Del Rey Glam Waves

@MatthewStylist and @AliyaJasmine show you how to recreate Lana Del Rey’s hair – or, as of today, Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend’s hair. See? You can do your own hair. Over to Matthew:






Section the hair into 3 sections. First being the horshoe section on top, then another section from top of the ear to the horseshoe, and the last section is what’s left. Make sure to clip sections away for easy control



Now decide which way you want the waves to go. Each section is curled a different direction. The bottom section is waved in the same direction as the top section. and the middle section opposite to these. The top section should be pushed back off the face while being curled. Always making sure you push the curling iron back towards where the next curl will go. Before each curl I sprayed L’Oreal Professionel Constructor¬†on the section – this acts as a setting spray for the curl, still allowing it to be brushed out soft



Grab a natural bristle brush and brush from the root to the ends. Do this over and over till you see the waves connect. Don’t be afraid to brush as most girls are – this is the most important step. Then to finish the wave I used Crystal Gloss Shine Spray and Infinium 4 Dry Finishing Spray by L’Oreal Professionel to add lots of glam shine and to set the waves into place



Any more questions on how to perfect this look? Feel free to tweet your questions at me @matthewstylist or come check out my salon @bd_haircare




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