September 2, 2014

5 T-Shirts I Want To Be


There’s nothing more classicly beautiful than a perfectly cut, plain, white t-shirt. Whether it be oversized or fitted, sleeves rolled, or tucked in – a white tee can make for a major fashion moment. In my opinion (and surely I’m not the only one), nothing looks better on a cute dude than a simple white t-shirt. A simple tee signifies that the guy is unfussy (bonus), confident that he doesn’t require any bells and whistles to get your attention, and in some scenarios, does an amazing job of showcasing the guy’s toned arms (without being too showy). There are some lucky t-shirts in particular that I wouldn’t mind personally being. Yes – it’s a little strange to wish to be an inanimate, 100% cotton item, but take a look at these examples and I think you’ll catch my drift.


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Jake Gyllenhaal


If you were Jake’s white tee you could travel around with him on a typical day in his life. Walk the streets of NYC, take the subway just like everyone else, and if you’re lucky, partake in either a gym session or a photo shoot. Either way, you’ll be as close as humanly possible to Mr. Gyllenhaal.



Leonardo DiCaprio


Being one of Leo’s many plain white tees would be an absolute pleasure and a true honour. This tee really lives the good life. It gets to blow around in the sea breeze, dance around on a yacht, and most importantly – gets to co-exist just a few inches away from the infamous man pony/bun hybrid.



Adam Levine

Source: Terry Richardson

Living life as one of Adam Levine’s beloved plain white tees would be quite an adventure. You would definitely have some extra edge attached to your reputation due to the many tattoos beneath your sleeves, which would make life more interesting. Most importantly you would have the absolute closest interaction with his famous washboard abs. Not a bad place to spend your days (when not waiting patiently in the laundry hamper).



Johnny Depp


Again, being Johnny Depp’s white tee comes with a preconceived bad ass reputation. The time’s you were worn during wild nights, maybe even the night he got his famous ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo, or perhaps the night he got it altered to read ‘Wino Forever’. Being Johnny Depp’s plain white tee would mean you’d be that much closer to the mystery that is the inner-workings of his mind. Don’t try to tell me you don’t wonder, we all do!



Ryan Gosling


Being Ryan Gosling’s white t-shirt would be the ultimate privilege…mostly because of the rockin’ bod that hides beneath the cotton-jersey blend. That’s the dream.


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