July 2, 2015

8 Reasons Why We Better Have Rihanna’s Money

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Queen RI has finally released her video for BBHMM, and it most definitely did not disappoint. In case anyone was ever doubting, RiRi made it clear that no one will ever be as BAD GAL as her. Read through to find out why we never wanna be indebted to Rihanna.

1. She’ll steal your dog
And obviously the dog will be totally fine with it and forget you even existed because Rihanna will give him/her a life they could only ever dream of.


2. She’ll take someone close to you hostage
And play a game of naked human tetherball with them, while being totally uninterested.


3. She’ll get her bad ass friends to feed your loved one the worst snacks ever
What kind of monster feeds you PRETZELS. And not even a full bag!? I never want to know that hell.


4. She’ll be SO ANNOYED when her hostage pukes
How embarrassing would it be to not be able to hold your liquor around Rihanna.


5. Her shot is super accurate
If she can hit a flip-phone after throwing it off a moving ship on a super windy day…watch out.


6. Her shoes are amazing
We just needed to point that out


7. She lost her Sh*t when her bank account balance was at $420
If my bank account was at $420 I’d have the exact opposite reaction and probably start investing in some stocks


8. She’d kill you
and look damn good doing it


Watch BBHMM here:

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