May 1, 2015

A Dozen Life Lessons From Lizzie McGuire


This is what dreams are made of friends, not only did we get a Lizzie McGuire cast reunion earlier this week but tomorrow marks the 12 year anniversary of The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

For all you loyal Lizzie fans out there, her struggling- but totally A-OK- middle school crew has taught us some very important lessons… it just may have taken us until now to realize how valuable they really were!

So this happened last night… #LizzieMcGuire

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In honour of the 12 year Lizzie McGuire Movie-versary, here are 12 life lessons brought to you by the one voice inside all of our heads…Lizzie’s cartoon alter ego. When in Rome (and always), she knew what she was talking about! Here are our favourite Life lessons from her time spent in Rome:

1. Make Your Own Luck 

make your own luck

Down on your luck? Well no use sitting around. If you want things to get better then go out and fight for it. P.S We can’t promise this guarantees becoming an over night pop- star..

2. Be Careful Who You Melt For 

not all boys

Not all boys are melt worthy, and not all boys you melt for are worth it. Some may end up having a secret plot to publicly humiliate you in front of thousands. Others just don’t make the cut. Don’t you wish we knew it then? #sorryethan #heygordo

3. Embrace New Adventure 

find adventure

Whether it’s a new place, job or apartment, adventure could be right around the corner! So what are you waiting for? You gotta chase it to get it. Owning a vespa helps.

4. Carbs Are Friends..and Food 

food always helps

Enough of the Kate Sanders of the world trying to promote the latest dietary restrictions. We love our carbs and as you get older you realize it’s more about being healthy and happy! Amen, with a toast to spaghetti!

5. Things Change 

trends change

It’s hard to get it right every time, but the beauty about fashion is that it comes and goes. All those crazy braids, clips, scrunchies and chokers we once rocked? Who said we aren’t better for it. So don’t be too afraid to try the latest trend!

6. Keep Your Cool 

freak out

It’s totally okay to have your OMG this is not happening moments, but just remember you got through it before and you will get through it again. If there is one thing to learn from Lizzie’s inner monologue, it’s that keeping your cool pays off. (That doesn’t have to mean you aren’t freaking out in five language in your head)

7. It’s All In The Attitude


Okay- so what if you made a total fool of yourself and you never want to do that thing again. EVER. It’s all in your attitude, if you can brush it off, so can others! #blondehairdontcare #wheninrome

8. Always Give Thanks! 

thank you

We may like to think that we are completely grown up and have it all figured out but don’t forget who helped you get there. Those who stuck with you through the hard times and still had your back should have first dibs to experience the good with you!

9. Watch Your Head 

go to your head

What goes up must come down…well sometimes. But just remember to always stay level headed. It doesn’t matter how cool and suave you are, even if you have perfect wind blown hair and a beautiful Italian accent. If you are too cool for school you will soon get the boot!

10. Follow Your Intuition 


Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice. You live and learn but one thing’s for sure, that gut feeling was almost ALWAYS right. Whether it was a silly party decision, procrastinating on a paper or following a friend who you knew was bad news (cough, cough Palo) your intuition never fails. So listen to it! It’s your bff with your best interests at heart.

11. There Is Life After School 


It’s important, there is no doubt about that but the person you were in grade school wasn’t the person you found in high school and definitely won’t be the person you become in college. So don’t sweat it! Learning goes far beyond the classroom and it’s up to you to decided who you want to be. #sorrykate

12. Enjoy The Ride

enjoy the ride

Enough said. It’s a beautiful journey! As Lizzie would say, Catch ya on the flip side!

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