September 16, 2011

A HAUTE MESS x NYFW: Michael Kors SS12

Michael Kors presented his Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Lincoln Center in New York on Wednesday morning. For once in my life, I’m quite speechless. I felt like the Grinch who stole Christmas sitting at the show because my heart was growing exponentially with each look passing by me down the runway. Let me start from the beginning.

The morning of the show finally arrived and like a bat out of hell, I was up and out of bed. Fine, that’s not true. It was more sloth-like, but not like an everyday sloth but like a sloth on that one day a year they procreate. Nevertheless, I was up and excited and caught a cab to the Lincoln Center because it was boob sweat hot in New York City and I didn’t want to arrive to a fashion show with eyeliner down to my chin or worse, with pit stains. #FashionGirlProblems. With a slap of bad luck, we’re stuck in traffic for 40 minutes and I’m definitely going to be late to the show. I’m almost in tears because: A. real tears would’ve ruined my make up, defeating the purpose of the cab (duhhh), and B. I really wanted to see this show and would’ve Naomi Campbelled my phone at IMG security if I was too late to be let in.

Ahem. So I finally arrive at the Lincoln Center and as expected, the doors are almost closed and I race inside to The Theater. The crowd with standing tickets has already filled the seats and as expected, mine has been filled. The production and PR teams are trying to get the show on the road (er, on the runway) and they tell me to “sit there” while pointing at a seat in the front row. Hello, upgrade. Panic -> Elation. The runway is cleared and the lights dim.

The show begins with a remix of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” with a solid and strong drumbeat and the first few models begin to walk down the runway in separates in natural fabrics coloured sage and olive. I notice the shoes: knee-high lace-up and cutout leather boot sandals. Of course I love them. Like I said — r-r-r-repeat — as the show progresses, I can feel my heart swelling. The collection. It’s amazing.

It’s inspired by Michael’s memories of Africa and the rustic modernism of the Lebombo Lodge, with an injection of the line’s signature effortlessness and easy, laid back attitude. From the clothing to the shoes to the accessories, it’s congruent from head-to-toe and from look-to-look, a spectacular and true collection, that a veteran like Michael Kors probably thought of in his sleep or while mindlessly shining his CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award.

The colour palette ranged from the ground to the sky, with earth tones of limestone, olive and clay, creamy ivory hues of ivory, impala and antelope and sunset shades of amber, sienna and cinnabar. The beauty of the garments are not only in the intelligently designed pieces but in the palpable luxury that exists in the details: distressed materials like cashmere and linen, leather with a savage edge as if it had been torn, snakeskin trims on boldly hand dyed gowns, rustic patchwork and graphic photo realistic animal prints. The collection is topped off with oversized travel bags, strappy belts and one of the first things I noticed, the rugged boots and sandals. Described by Michael in one word? “Afriluxe”. My favourite looks are below.

[imagebrowser id=73]


Niki Blasina is a fashion writer and publicist from Vancouver.


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