July 28, 2016

Ask An Intern: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Your First Camping Festival


This past weekend I attended Wayhome Music & Arts Festival in Oro-Medonte, ON for my first ever overnight festival experience. Planning a weekend-long festival trip is exciting, but can also be very daunting for a broke-a$$ bae like myself (where my students at, you feel me??). When you’re planning for the weekend, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to think that you won’t have any FUN if you don’t have the FUNDS. As Wayhome 2016 came to a close, I reflected on my time spent camping under the stars, and realized that I had learned a lot about the DO’s and DON’TS of festival thrifting.

My friends and I may not have camped in style, but we made it to the other side of the weekend unscathed (although a little dusty)! Click through to see how this Fora intern survived Wayhome 2016 on a budget and how I learned what not to do… the hard way.

We felt hella under prepped in the supplies department. For some reason once we had the tent it seemed like everything was good, but there were a ton of oversights that we didn’t even consider, mainly somewhere to find shade! Yes, a pace to rest your head is top priority but you definitely need to consider a few other items.



Another thing I deeply regret, my grocery list. IDK why I didn’t bring more food, because a few stray fruits, rice cakes and a zucchini did not suffice. It wasn’t all bad though, despite not having a camp stove we managed to ~harness the energy of the sun~ by cooking Mr. Noodles in the extreme heat. I also attempted to do this with my zucchini and failed miserably, leaving me wishing I had baby carrots or snap peas. I ended up buying a lot of (overpriced) festival food- so next time easy, filling & healthy foods are on the packing list!



This area was my greatest success, as in- yea I looked pretty cute (albeit very mud stained)!! One thing I strongly recommend is buying a pair of sneakers that you don’t care about, I tossed mine once I left. There were definitely still a few things I would change. The #1 thing being BODYSUITS. Unless they have a little crotch button don’t do it, there is nothing worse than getting fully naked in a porta-potty. Things I regret not bringing on the other hand were warm outfits! I brought along sweaters and PJ’s for bedtime, but during the nighttime shows I would have loved a nice pair of jeans.



Miscellaneous items we brought that made the trip better included a selfie stick (prime for group pics), baby wipes to save on showers, and honestly BUBBLES which made the sets really fun! Some of my friends brought items I was really jealous of though, including a disposable camera to capture memories even when our phones ran out, and a portable charger to help with that problem too! I brought a small backpack along with me but I would have traded it for a fanny pack in an instant, they are much easier to manage and less bulky in crowds, perfect for dancing


Take these little mistakes I made and use them to make your next camping festival the best it can be!!! I’m already planning my packing list for next year, see you there WayHomies!


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