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April 18, 2014

Street Style Lookbook: NVM!

Spring 2014: Oh, we thought we knew ye.

Last week we were optimistic. “Baii baii winter!” we said, with a swoosh of our non-mitted hand. “See u later, alligator!” we said, as we shoved all our woollen coats to the back of our over-stuffed closets.

Well, sometimes mother nature likes to pull tricks on us, and our toques were once again affixed to our heads as we were confronted with snow, rain, and ~*winter winds*~. Regardless, even though we’re crying on the inside, these ladies and gents are lookin’ good on the outside – so maybe that’s all that matters? read more…

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April 17, 2014

DJ CRUSH: 8 New York Boys To Watch

I, like 89% of females, have a very specific type: cute boys doing musical things.

Though these “musical things” are typically more in the vein of bands (and the folk in them), I don’t think anyone can deny the appeal of a good/aesthetically-pleasing DJ.

Since we’ve already articulated our non-creepy appreciation for verified H0ttIEz/popular spinners (like Ryan Hemsworth), this time around, we decided to scour ~The Internet~ to find a collective of [equally crush-worthy boys] who don’t have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers to their name. Based out of New York, these 8 guys spin anywhere from the hippest clubs to the most elite of fashion parties – and, since they’re all fairly new to the game, they’re totally attainable as new BFFs or boyfriends. Lol.

So, even though we might’ve said that it’s a fact that gals go harder, for the sake of stud-ly eye candy etc, here’s our list of TOTEZ HYPE DJs that we TOTEZ have simultaneous crushes on!

…Field trip across the border, anyone? read more…

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March 20, 2014

WANTED: Internz!

Hey FORA readers/potential new BFFs! We’re looking for YOU!!!

Do you want to join the MTV FORA family (and hang out/snack with us on a daily basis?) Because we’re looking for innovative and passionate individuals to join our editorial team, and we think you might fit the bill.

Want to have girlytalks about man buns and DJs? Want to be generally fun and fabulous? Good. We want you to leave your ideazz about typical fashion internships at the front door, because there’s no coffee runs or dry cleaning pickups here! ONLY PURE FUN. read more…

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February 17, 2014

Why The O.C. Will Forever Be Our Spring Break Inspiration

Hey y’all.

It’s absolutely no secret that I live/breathe/love The O.C. with the fire of approximately one thousand suns and the warmth that comes with cuddling with ~1023 fuzzy Chow Chow puppies. In fact, my dedication runs so deep that Seth Cohen’s existence might as well be synonymous with the oxygen I need to breathe and the caffeine I need to consume in order to be a functional human being – and, if you’ve spent any amount of time with me, I’m sure you could serve as a witness to the #realness of the aforementioned.

While I won’t be sailing away on a boat to Tahiti on my next ~vacay~, I can definitely: 1) take the time to muse about how awesome that would be and 2) admire the sartorial majestic-ness of warm weather outfitting decisions (read: Marissa Cooper’s sundresses and Ryan Atwood’s wife beater tank tops). Plus, paired with an ongoing desire to be on the run/drive in the sun/look out for number one, isn’t it only natural to ~celebrate~ the beginning of spring break with an ODE TO ORANGE COUNTY?! read more…

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January 17, 2014

My New Year’s (Beauty) Resolutions

As 2013 came to a close, I promised myself I would attempt to be more adventurous with my beauty regimen going into the new year. Save for a slight variation in the hues on my cheeks and my lips, I’ve stuck to my current ~look~ for the past few years – never straying from my routine (even when sultry smokey eyes or different-coloured pouts tried to entice me).

However, because I’m all for ~changing it up~ (I AM SO CASUAL), I am going to attempt to articulate the new things I will be doing to my face (and also my hair) over the course of the next 365ish days. If you’re feeling adventurous (like me), maybe you can join in on da face fun?!?! read more…

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January 3, 2014

FYI: Ryan Gosling’s Face Wearing Other People’s Beards

!!Beard compilation time!!

Now that we’re in ~an entirely different year~ (happy 2014, BTW), it seemed only fair to (specifically/exclusively) reflect on the most important thing that happened to The Internet last year – BE MINE, BEARD ft. our favourite Canadian man wearing the real life beards of other real life (sometimes Canadian) males on his own precious & beautiful face.

From Drake’s pseudo-beard to Adrien Brody’s mop of hair (as a beard), join us as we reflect on Ryan Gosling’s greatest moments as a human beard model. read more…

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December 30, 2013

The Top 13 Things That Happened on MTV FORA In 2013

Given my notorious/celebrated love of hyperlinking, it should be no surprise that it took a lot of self-restraint to not link you to every single awesome thing posted on FORA in 2013. Though this has something to do with the fact that your Internet provider probably can’t handle an endless scroll of 750+ articles (#consideration), it’s mostly accredited to the fact that I have critical thinking/ selective editing skills. Thx design school!!!

Anyway, 2013 was very human-centric; and in between befriending celebrities like Missy Elliott and Chloe Moretz, we hung out with Internet personalities, talked about boys for like 100 hours straight, and then had a lot of photoshoots featuring Liz Trinnear and smoke bombs (respectively).

Yes, needless to say, 2013 was a good year – and we’d like to thank you for fuelling our awesomeness by being generally awesome yourselves. So without further ado, take a trip down ~memory lane~ with us, and peruse the top 13 things that happened on FORA this year!

**If u need to shed tears while reading this post then I give u full permission because I certainly did (shed da tears) and waoow waow so many emotions I love y’all** read more…

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December 19, 2013

Meet Anna Lunoe: Singer, DJ & Dream Pant Designer

Meet Anna Lunoe: vocalist, producer, and our ladycrush of the moment. By way of Australia, she’s taken the music (and general) world by storm – creating fashion show music for Chanel, Fendi, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, and being generally awesome at everything she does. Most recently, she wrapped a tour with The Weeknd and released a music video for her single Breathe – because #Canada and also respiratory functions(!!!)

Being the lucky folk that we are, we had the chance to chat with Anna about pant designs and alien invasions – putting her drawing/penmanship skills to the test and also building the foundation for a wonderful and beautiful friendship (based on fancy pants, of course!) read more…

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December 7, 2013

In Case You Missed It: MSN Life Lessons and Cute Boys Hanging Out With Cute Dogs

1. If you’re as keen/fierce/fabulous as we are, maybe your spirit animal is the panther. After all, ankle straps on ur shoes have never been more socially acceptable!

2. Lolz *block*.

3. My favourite past-time is super-imposing the beards of other men on Ryan Gosling’s face – and this month’s instalment of BE MINE, BEARD featuring Gerard Butler is no exception.

4. It’s been said that humans often resemble their pets – so we pseudo-tested that theory by Photoshopping cute boys with their puppy-dopplegangers. If you’re doubtful – don’t be. This post is very important.

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November 30, 2013

In Case You Missed It: We’re Looking For Interns And Also, You’re Better Than Beyonce


1. Apparently we’re better than Beyonce. Who knew?

2. We are looking for interns. Apply within.

3. Miley Cyrus recruited a sad cat for her AMA performance and we wrote (him? her?) a letter.

4. We talked to blogger/DJ/all around awesome human Bip Ling about kittens. Because why not?

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