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September 11, 2014

FACE TIME WITH FORA: Devendra Banhart Edition

Remember BE MINE, BEARD? Same. Those were the best of times and also the really best of times – as objectifying facial hair on pretty faces is one of our favourite pastimes.

Naturally, as an homage to the aforementioned, the third installment of FACE TIME WITH FORA /had/ to revolve none other than our Venezuelan dream boy, Devendra Banhart: the man with the best beard. Peruse: read more…

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August 28, 2014


As I’m sure you’ve realized, here at FORA, we’re all about making *bold* statements. Whether these statements come in sartorial forms (read: donning a full-on pug costume to the studio), or in subtle, less literal forms (read: discrediting your taste in faces of the male variety), chances are, we’ve done it and/or we’re doing it – with a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups in hand.

So needless to say, our second installment of FACE TIME WITH FORA depicts a long and treacherous journey where we distill the beautiful face of none other than A$AP Rocky himself. While the response was much greater this time around (the sheer volume of poetry was quite overwhelming for me), truthfully, I think it’s only because I made a point to send out the call for submissions (an email timestamped 11:30pm) a little bit earlier because I am good at #plans. Regardless, we still love you, Josh. You might be the underdog, but we appreciate you. #FASHIONKILLAZ read more…

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August 20, 2014

FACE TIME WITH FORA: Josh Hartnett Edition

The best ideas always come about after two too many coffees and general mid-day restlessness. So when I turned to Jen and made a promise to ideate a good post concept revolving around Josh Hartnett’s perfect, angelbaby face, it seemed only natural that poetry (of all calibers) came into play. A haiku? A sonnet? Prose with an AABB rhyming scheme? All happily welcomed, all forcefully forced upon 6 members of the FORA team (plus one random, *anonymous* straight male ghost writer).

Welcome to FACE TIME WITH FORA – a really perfect, charming, and perfectly charming series that (nicely and non-offensively) objectifies the best (male) celebrity faces in the world. I’m not sure why Josh Hartnett is the first feature of this segment, but shhh donut complain – just prepare your bodies for MARRIAGE. Bai. read more…

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August 12, 2014

ICYMI: GIRL GUIDE. #neverforget

You probably didn’t miss it, (but just in case you did), we spent a month and a half celebrating 30 amazing ladies doing things (worth celebrating) in the realms of art, design, music, et. al. Months of prepping, hours of researching, and days of general girl-crushing made for a really girl power-centric takeover in the FORA studio (and also in my life in general). So, just for the sake of extending the girlytimes as much as humanly possible, join me on a trip down mEmOrY lAnE as I recap some of my favourite moments in ~GIRL GUIDE 2014~. #neverforget #girlpower4ever read more…

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August 5, 2014

W5H: An Ode To Jenny Lewis

Okay, I know I do this every other week (essentially), but I’m going to ramble on about the significance of once again. In my last “Ode To” post, I distilled the magic that is the famed music-scrobbling website’s ~suggested artists~ feature – the fateful WWW URL that led me to my new/old favourite man-band, Future Islands.

However, to anyone who has ever asked me who my [absolute] favourite artist is, you’ll know that Jenny Lewis is my GURL. Even during bouts of uncertainty (read: John Mayer + Taylor Swift phases – questionable, but I’m not sorry), Jenny Lewis’ angelic voice persevered – acting as the light to my very confused mUsIcAl TuNnEl. The evidence is still withstanding, too: as even through a 3 year hiatus from recording my listening habits on a public platform, it’s still very apparent that Rilo Kiley is, and will forever be, at the top of my charts.

If you’ve yet to get acquainted with this lucious-haired music goddess, then you should probably GTFO!!! Just jk – it’s never too late to fall in love, (and also, I ~oh-so-badly~ want to selfishly take the time to rave about why I love her in non-creepy/kind of creepy ways). read more…

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August 5, 2014


CAUSE I’VE BEEN WAITING ON YOU. (I’ve been hanging on you? I’ve been waiting on you?). I’VE BEEN WAITING ON YOUR APPLICATIONS TO BE OUR FALL INTERNS. (But mostly I’ve been waiting for someone to rival my love of Future Islands).

But uh ha hm in all seriousness, the search for our fall interns is FINALLY on, and we’re looking for you!

Want to get your foot in the fAsHuN door? Want to join our (objectively) cool girl army? (Or rather, do you want to talk about people you want to have in your cool girl army? Or cool boy army?) Want to assist on photoshoots, help us think of cool puns, and spend 40% of the day talking about cute boys? Or cute girls? Yeah, THOUGHT SO.

If you love writing, GIF-making, laughing, and new friends, DONUT HESITATE and submit yr applications to do the aforementioned, join our ~dynamic~ team of #baes, and also eat doughnuts. read more…

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July 10, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Caley Vanular

We’re going to take a gander and say that you’ve never met a Jill of all trades quite like Caley Vanular.

Though she has a creative portfolio that covers everything from art direction to design to marketing, first and foremost, this Vancouver native considers herself an athlete. So if a client list citing Aritzia and Herschel Supply Co. wasn’t enough to get you to put down that medium pizza(?) and get *out there*, then the fact that this superbabe/supergirl IS ALSO AN ATHLETE will definitely be incentive enough.

Oftentimes, traditional mindsets prevent people from understanding that we live in a day and age where our work can span a multitude of fields – and there’s no need to be confined by one thing. Living and working doesn’t have to be separate – and according to Caley, work doesn’t really seem like work when you love what you’re doing. Make your own opportunities, work hard, and keep pushing even in the bleakest of situations. So from crazy travel stories (that sound like something out of a movie), to general life/work advice, it’s time for you, too, to get inspired by this #WellTravelled storyteller. read more…

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July 9, 2014

MIXTAPE: Courtney + Kurt 4ever

It might sound like the stuff of urban legends, but Lorde, singer of teen angst and supporter of broody lip stains, once wore a head-to-toe pink suit. Of course, only an occasion so monumental in size and setlist could evoke such fabled sites as the teen dream zombie queen in shades of kobi, all whilst Annie Clark played front woman to Dave Grohl on the drums. The event in question, Nirvana’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, brought about said dreamy scenes along with appearances by ladyrockers Joan Jett and Kim Gordon.

Though the band only received their musical honor this past April, Kurt + Courtney have long since pledge allegiance to our fave couples of yesteryear club (Johnny + Kate also hold honorary membership). As Lady Love turns a young 5-0 today, we’re celebrating with an ode to the duo that was. In hardships, in loveship, in matching blond bobs, here’s to a pair that made history both together and apart. We’ve got covers, original tracks, and even songs that name drop the big K.

I mean, what better way to celebrate turning half a century young than with a reggae cover of “Come As You Are” – amiright? read more…

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July 7, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Rachel and Nicole Effendy

You know how they say two is better than one? Or how good things come in pairs? How about two = double the trouble, double the fun? Okay, perhaps that last one was a bit of stretch, but nonetheless, Rachel and Nicole Effendy have managed to convince me that having a sidekick is the algorithm for success.

Amongst an infinite number of fashion blogs floating around in an (inherently) over-saturated WWW, Rachel and Nicole literally sparkle, shine, and glimmer like diamonds – as their namesake blog, Rachel et Nicole, houses some of the most creative, well-thought-out content in the fashion blogosphere. From styling to creative direction to photography and design, these Brooklyn-based sisters work around the clock to do…pretty much everything (while STILL managing to find the time to sleep, watch Netflix, and look generally fabulous).

It’s one thing to do art for arts sake – but when it comes to brand work, there’s a fine line between feeling like you’re “selling out” and maintaining artistic integrity and doing work you actually believe in. That said, one of the most validating moment of a creative’s career is to be hired by a brand who completely trusts your creative vision. And when you’ve got to that point, you know that you’re doing something right.

To these gals, keeping it “organic and real without the noise of commercialism clouding our final product” is one of the most valuable things about having complete control over a project. And with a pair of keen, affluent eyes, the aforementioned isn’t a difficult fete.

From humble beginnings to even humbler successes, it’s time for you to acquainted with this creative powerhouse. FORA readers, meet Rachel and Nicole! read more…

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July 4, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische’s website index defaults to – and since internet URLs never lie (case in point: Facebook = book of faces, Myspace = …your space), there’s no need for us to question the fact that she’s anything but awesome.

While she may have been cited as one of Forbes’ 30 to Watch Under 30 (twice), there’s a good chance Jessica’s household-name status stems from her work on Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom – as the yellow title script was done by none other than her hand. However, to us design school grads, Jessica has been a hot topic of conversation for years; her straightforward design mentality (read: Should I Work For Free?) being not only an inspiration, but also a guide to the way in which we operate as creatives. As such, it’s safe to say that besides being awesome, Jessica Hische has also helped shaped our design consciousness since we were conscious enough to have a design consciousness – and that’s why we had our own “awkward sweaty fangirl” moment when we secured this talented letterer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” as one of our GIRL GUIDE features.

Design school taught me to cut embellishments, skip unnecessary anecdotes and get straight to the point. So without further ado, it’s time for me to stop raving and let you see for yourself as to why this all-around coolgal is one of our (and soon to be your) biggest design-spirations ever. read more…

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