August 30, 2017

Back To School Buy The Way: Dorm Essentials

Back to school is always an exciting and busy time, but the transition from high school to college is an especially big jump. For most it’s the first time out on your own, living by yourself, which can be scary. Making whatever college living situation you have feel like home is key for getting situated and feeling comfortable in your space– whether it be an apartment or uni dorm room.

We’ve honed in on four important areas for back to school dorm shopping. Here’s some inspo and essential items that will help you feel at home away from home.


Bed & Comfort

Purchasing good sheets is essential, considering how much time you spend in bed. A snooze set like this is perfect because they come in so many different patterns along with sheets, pillow cases and a cute bag for storage. This one from Urban Outfitters is also reversible and will fit on both a double or single bed. Other bedroom essentials include a fuzzy blanket, a backrest for doing all those readings in bed, a decorative pillow and a small area rug to class up the dorm floor. A linen basket for PJs, and extra sheets are also a nice luxury.

[Snooze set, Urban Outfitters $109], [Laundry basket, Household Essentials $28] [Carpet, Zara Home $49.90], [Throw blanket, Xhilaration $18.68] [Bed rest, Majestic Home Goods $99.99], [Pillow, Diva At Home $55.49]


Art & Decor

Art isn’t exactly necessary, but some decorative items go a long way in making your surroundings feel more homey. These are some fun items that can boost your space’s aesthetic and your overall mood.

[Mirror, Jewelry Armoire $129.99], [Organizer, CosmoCube $222] [Picture grid,  Urban Outfitters $59], [Garland, Meri Meri $20.95] [Plants, Ikea $3.99], [Letter board, Dormify $95], [Print, Honeymoon Hotel $59]


Desk & Organization

In most dorms you get a desk that does the job, but a comfy and chic chair is a good addition for guests, and may motivate you to spend a bit more time hitting the books. A night table and a set of drawers are super helpful if you’ve got a lot of baggage. A wall calendar and a reminder board are aesthetically pleasing ways to keep you on track with your studies. Also don’t forget a trash can and a some table lamps to brighten up your bedside.

[Bulletin board, Ikea $6.99], [Calendar, Andrews +Blaine Ltd $24.95], [Side table, Ikea $49.99], [Copper lamp, Structube $69], [Chair, Ikea $89], [Purple light, Ikea $24.99], [Drawers, Structube $76], [Trash can, Ikea $24.99], [Wire, drawers, Ikea $55.99]


Bath & Shower

The bathing situation in dorm rooms can be particularly shocking to freshmen students, since it can be the furthest from what you’re used to. Whether you have a sink and toilet in your dorm or you have to venture to a communal bathroom, here are some items that will class up your experience and make it easier on you.

[Bath set, Umbra $19.99], [Hamper, Lamont home $39.99] [Towel, Ikea $11.99],  [Towel, Ikea $6.99], [Caddy, Bed Bath & Beyond $7.99], [Bath mat, Urban Outfitters $39.00

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