September 5, 2017

Back To School Buy The Way: Tech & Supplies

Since you can no longer rely on your parents’ printer and other miscellaneous supplies you had convenient access to at home, there are a lot of items to think about before starting college.  Here are our top tech and school supply essentials that will make your collegiate life easier and more enjoyable.


Over the ear headphones are a great investment if you’re someone who literally gets wrapped up in their music via twisted head phone wires. They’re also great if you plan on doing any video/audio editing in your program. A reliable laptop is probably one of the most important things you need for uni these days and you’ll want one that will last you all four years. A kindle is a great way to save your shoulders and the environment, if your subject matter has e- text books available.  College is a great time to get on the Fitbit bandwagon, it’s great for staying active and healthy when you’re physical activity is not necessarily as scheduled as it used to be.

[Headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre  $349.99], [E-reader, Kobo $129.99] [Laptop, Apple $1729], [Fitness tracker, Fitbit $229.95


Dorm Tech

A diffuser is a great treat to give yourself in first year, because not only do essential oils act as a natural air freshener, they also have great health and wellness benefits like better sleep and elevated moods. Having your own printer in your room is a huge life-saver that will save you time and stress. A speaker is a fun tech buy for back to school whether it be for chill homework music or for getting your dorm party going. Lastly, a mini fridge if not provided in your place is crucial  for keeping a few food and drink items handy to you, say Gatorade for example 😉

[Diffuser, VicTsing $32.99], [Speaker, IMGadgets $42.99] [Printer, HP $29.99], [Mini fridge, Hamilton Beach $89.98]


School Supplies

It can be easy in the midst of all the uni excitement to forget you have actual work to do.  If you haven’t tried Paper Mate’s coloured pens you are in for a treat. They make making notes fun and festive. Sharpie’s highlighters and pens are also school staples for note taking and studying in college. Most importantly, having an agenda is the key to success in college, for meeting deadlines and keeping your life organized. A visually appealing agenda can also make you more inclined to use it.

[Coloured pens, Paper Mate $9.97], [Agenda, Lilly Pulitzer $30], [Highlighters, Sharpie $1.99], [Black pens, Sharpie $7.97]


Additional Electronics

These are some luxuries that will glam up your dorm experience. A mini portable steamer is a blessing, because clothes get wrinkled when they are shoved into trundle drawers, a Keurig, for a convenient cup o coffee. A small but powerful blow dryer and a straightener than can also do effective and easy curls.

[Steamer, Conair $34.88], [Coffee maker, Keurig $78], [Hair dryer, Sephora $33], [Straightener, ghd $270]

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