May 12, 2016

Bad-Ass Boss Ladies Who Wear Glasses


Glasses: the fashion accessory that we all pleaded with the adolescent gods to never bestow upon us. Now, with all of the fashionable choices today, we’re scheduling eye appointments and practically hoping for a stigmatism.

Glasses add a whole different element to your overall aesthetic (and scientifically they make you look 53% smarter). And trust us, if there is anything more empowering than a successful and driven woman, it’s a successful and driven woman with glasses. Here’s a roundup of the best #girlboss’s who rock a signature pair of sleek frames.



Who? If you don’t recognize the name, you will recognize the glasses. Iris Apfel is known for being a famous interior designer, and doing restoration work at the White House through a period of nine presidents. Now, Iris is a massive fashion icon that we can all take inspiration from. Also, SHE’S NINETY-FOUR.



Who? Only the creative director and president of J Crew. No big. But her glasses? Those are big. And without them she would not be Jenna Lyons. She makes us wish we had a stigmatism.



Who? The editor-in-chief of American Vogue and now the artistic director of Condé Nast.  If none of this rings a bell, the best selling novel and movie The Devil Wears Prada was written by her former assistant. You do the math. Although these technically aren’t prescription glasses, they are sunglasses that Anna is famously known for.



Who? Former CEO of Burberry, and now the senior VP of retail over at none other than Apple. Although she can be seen without her glasses, she’s definitely worthy to be on this list because she reminds us of our moms.


veronica chu

Who? Makeup artist extraordinaire from right here in Toronto. Mainly known for being supermodel Coco Rocha’s makeup artist, Veronica is one of our main ~baes~ and her work is amazing. Her glasses basically define her look and we love her for it.

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