July 28, 2017

Beat The Heat At WayHome

If you’ve ever been to WayHome, then you already know that good times are plentiful, but shade is scarce. The elements can really throw a wrench in your *chill festival vibes* and this year is shaping up to be a scorcher with highs of 31 degrees and sunshine all three days. We’re not complaining though- we’re just being proactive. Here are our tips and tricks for beating the heat and enjoying WayHome.


The thirst is real. Once you’re inside the festival grounds you’ll probably be turned off by the expensive non-alcoholic beverages, and if you forget a bottle you will be left to scoop water into your mouth from a communal tap like an animal. Save yourself the trouble and stay hydrated with a refillable water bottle. A collapsible one is great if you aren’t into carrying something heavier around and Swell is a chic option if you’re looking to keep your water cold forever.

[Swell $35], [Hydrapak $28]



Unless you pay for a shower ($9.50 each), by Sunday chances are your hair will be WayGone. So throw a hat at the problem and kill two birds with one stone– because covering your head can also lessen your odds at sunstroke.  A wide brimmed hat or baseball cap are great to pair with your different festival looks and your scalp will be better for it.

[New York Yankees $34.99], [Forever 21 $25.90]


Face Wash

After dinner you’re most likely to be feeling the effects of the sun and may be a bit sluggish. Freshen up for Frank Ocean and Flume’s performances by washing  your face with some cold water. We recommend either of these products because they both have a cooling effect that’ll recharge you for the night, and unclog your pores from all of the dust that is sure to be blowing by.

[Bioré $6.97], [Bioré $7.97]



When planning for music festivals it’s tricky  to craft looks that are both fashionable and functional. We’re not trying to tell you to wear a UV long sleeve all day because we know you won’t. Instead we recommend wearing something super lightweight, easy to throw on and is not an overly complicated four-part outfit. Keep it simple with a romper and then you can accessorize to your hearts desire. This way you pack light and will not overheat in a trendy kaftan.

[H&M $14.99], [Free People $68]



There is nothing more miserable then crawling into a hot tent on day two with a brutal burn. Health and skincare aside, it’s not a cute look to be walking around with a 2nd degree burn on your shoulders. So go in on a spray and don’t forget your face. And if you do still end up with a little extra sun, an aloe vera spray will aid in your recovery and general enjoyment of the festival.

[Sun Bum $11.99], [Neutrogena $12.99]


Fans & Umbrellas

If you are someone who is particularly sensitive to the sun and heat, a fan with a spritz of water is a lifesaver. An umbrella is also a great option for the day time. If you have a chill line-up and want to plant yourself in the sun-filled field at the main stage, we highly recommend a UV sun umbrella.

[Insten $20.99], [Niello $21.99]



Don’t forget about your eyes, after all they are the nipples of the face. Sunglasses also make you feel more put together than you may be underneath, especially if you’re sweating profusely. Make sure you pack a pair or two of cute sunglasses with UV protection.

[H&M $12.99], [Ray-Ban $220]



This is huge. The food inside the festival, while delicious, may not help you recover from the sun coma you’re in and will probably leave you feeling nastier in the long run. Don’t let yourself get to a point where your only options are a bacon pizza/burger hybrid. Pack light, energizing snacks to have in-between meals to keep your energy high and stomach full for whatever else you’re doing.

[Kind $5.77], [SunRype $2.97]


Other Beverages

Sometimes water just isn’t enough. When you need those extra electrolytes, Gatorade and coconut water are your best bets. They’re also a great help when you wake up with the blazing sun at dawn the next morning. We recommend the powdered Gatorade so you can add it to your water bottle and save the planet.

[Gatorade $4.97], [Vita Coco $3.50]

To all the WAYHOMIES out there—-HAVE FUN!!!

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