November 25, 2014

BFF Bonding

Any girl with a true BFF knows the title entails so much more than just having just a number one pal. Your best friend has been there for you on every occasion: supporting you when you accidentally liked your crush’s profile picture from 3 years ago, being a wing woman extraordinaire, and having your back when you’ve got food stuck in your teeth. The amount of incriminating photos, videos and text messages you have of each other alone is reason enough that you two will stay best friends for the rest of your lives (keep your friends close and photo evidence from your awkward stage CLOSER). Celebrate your magical bond with these activities made X100000 better when done with a BFF.


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People Watching


No, not on the Internet of with the comfort of Insta-creeping from your bed, but with real life 3D H U M A N S. So simple, so ordinary, and yet, THE MOST ENTERTAINING. While people watching on your is usually seen as creepy or stalkerish (society’s opinion, not mine)people watching with your best friend is like having a hilarious commentary on the movie that is your lives. Rate the best man-buns you see on the street, oggle beautiful street-style, and throw popcorn kernels at anyone partaking in ANY/ALL forms of PDA.



Fancy Furniture Shopping


Sure, you may not be able to afford anything, but picking out the most beautiful or ridiculous items to one day put in your dream home is equally fulfilling. Like the iconic scene from 500 Days of Summer, only with less kissing in the kitchen supplies department.



Planting Cacti


Best Friend necklaces may break, but cacti truly live forever (or just a really, really long time with little need for watering or any other maintenance). Aside from being downright adorable, the actual planting process is SUPER easy and promises a beautiful end product. The reminder of your nature-filled day will last allllmost as long as the soil with stay under your nails <3



Binge Watching


One of the best parts of having an ultimate best friend/sole mate is that you don’t have to talk all the time. There is no such thing as an awkward silence between the two of you, even when you’re eating burritos-quite possibly the most intimate activity one can do with another person. Binge watching with another person makes you feel a little less bad about wasting four hours of your day because it was spent with another person, so really you were just being SOCIAL.





Like a tasty oreo cookie, Tinder is simple better when shared. A gal needs her best friend by her side when on a swiping rampage to have dramatic readings of messages and a shoulder to cry on when you accidentally lose the bae, the saddest moment of your tindering career.

Get set, Grab your BFF, and BOND! #FRIENDSFORAEVER


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