June 27, 2013


Best friends are hard to come by… so if you’ve got one, you’re going to want to hold onto them FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. And while you’re holding on to them (in hopefully non-creepy ways), you’re also going to want to dress like them… because why not?

We’ve rounded up four pairs of IRL BFFL’s – showcasing gals who have found each other through work/play, music/fashion/general awesomeness, and have been bonded together by real/faux sisterhoods. As our BFF appreciation month draws to a close, remember to celebrate your best friend – or at the very least, celebrate these ones.




Photographed by: Max Kopanygin | Design: Danielle Roche | Makeup: Lucky Bromhead
Hair: Vanessa Jarman | Stylist for Magneta Lane: Skye Kelton @ Plutino






Liz & Kathleen

KATHLEEN: Zara top and shoes, Topshop skirt

LIZ: H&M hat, Topshop top and skirt, YRU shoes

KATHLEEN: Zara blazer and shoes, H&M top, Topshop shorts

LIZ: DIY floral crown, Topshop blazer, top and shorts, H&M shoes

LIZ: Topshop top and pants, H&M belt, Aldo shoes

KATHLEEN: H&M jacket, top and pants, Zara shoes

LIZ: Topshop necklace and dress, Zara shoes

KATHLEEN: Topshop skirt, pants from Hong Kong, Zara shoes



Dani & Bianca

DANI: Diane Von Furstenberg top, Aldo Accessories necklace, Sandro skirt, Forever 21 shoes

BIANCA: Sandro top, Zara top (underneath), Club Monaco shorts, Forever 21 shoes

BIANCA: Topshop top and skirt, Emily Woudenberg necklace, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

DANI: Topshop top and shorts, Lanvin loves H&M necklace, Messeca shoes

BIANCA: vintage top, H&M shorts, Margiela at H&M necklace, Cheap Monday boots

DANI: Zara necklace, Kastor & Pollux necklace, H&M top, vintage pants, Jeffrey Campbell shoes



Magneta Lane

NADIA: UNIF top from Jacflash, Paul Smith top from Gravity Pope, Topshop socks, Senso shoes from Sauvage, Lulu Frost necklace

LEXI: UNIF dress from Jacflash, Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Capezio, The Leather Atelier necklace, Lulu Frost bracelets, George Frost ring

FRENCH: Topshop top, One Teaspoon skirt from Jacflash, Miista shoes from Capezio, H&M rings

NADIA: Rita Liefhebber top from Rac Boutique, Topshop skirt, Nine West shoes, Lulu Frost bracelet

FRENCH: Cedric Charlier top from Gravity Pope, Evil Twin skirt from Sauvage, Sol Sana shoes from Sauvage, Lulu Frost necklace

LEXI: Topshop top and overalls, Opening Ceremony shoes from Gravity Pope, Lulu Frost necklace, Fallon bracelet from Rac Boutique

LEXI: Evil Twin dress from Sauvage, Nine West shoes

FRENCH:Parker dress from Bicyclette Boutique, Miista shoes from Capezio, Jacflash hat, The Leather Atelier necklace, Lulu Frost bracelet

NADIA: Sass & Bide top from Rac Boutique, Blank NYC shorts from Bicyclette Boutique, Senso shoes from Capezio, George Frost necklace, H&M rings



Dani & Tay (Sisters <3)

TAY: Topshop pants, American Apparel shirt, Aldo Accessories necklace, Aldo shoes

DANI: Topshop overalls, American Apparel shirt, The Leather Atelier necklace, Senso at Sauvage shoes

DANI: Topshop top, American Apparel skirt, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, Holst+Lee necklace, Aldo shoes

TAY: Topshop top and skirt, Club Monaco necklace, Senso at Sauvage shoes

DANI: Topshop dress, Urban Outfitters hat, Aldo shoes

TAY: Aritzia top, Topshop skirt, Aldo Accessories necklace, Urban Outfitters hat, Senso at Sauvage shoes


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