February 13, 2014

HOW TO: Make Art On Your Head (With Bobby Pins)

It seems like whenever I buy a package of bobby pins, 95% of them go missing within a few weeks. This is probably due to both my inability to put them back when I’m done wearing them and my need to try out 1500 different ways to decorate my head with them. Bobby pins may have been invented to plunge hidden from sight into the depths of our sock buns, but they can also be worn so that they are visible in a ton of cool ways. From the simple to the space-age (see above), here are a few ways to let your bobby pins see the light of day.




The Minimal

Source: Issuu

Maybe you’ve been doing this style all along, but it’s equally pretty and convenient for hold your hair away from your face.



Right Angles

Source: Refinery29

On days when throwing your hair in a bun seems like the only relevant option, angled pins add some interest.



Pop of Colour

 Source: TransientExpression

Where do you find pretty coloured bobby pins, you ask? You can paint bobby pins with nail polish to make virtually any colour!




Source: LikeALady

If you ask me, triangles are the best shape ever, so we should probably all start wearing them in our hair.




Source: BeautyEditorOnCall

It should be said that I approve of Emma Stone’s hair in general and envy her waves immensely in this photo.



Band of Bobby Pins

Source: JadaBeauty

The way a line of bobby pins separates slicked back hair from the finger waves in this hairdo looks like artwork that is also hair, A.K.A amazing.



For the Bold

Source: TopInspired

It’s not that I’m going to say “don’t try this one at home, kids”, it’s just that I’d recommend having a friend help you out or using at least seven strategically placed mirrors.

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