March 12, 2015

Bye Bye Winter Baggage

Get ready to have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders-LITERALLY. It is time to say bye bye bye to our oversized winter bags and HELLO to the colourful and petite Spring bags! Here are some things that you need to swap from your bag as soon as Spring starts.

1. YO Bag
Like we said; you don’t need a huge bag during the spring season because you no longer need so many things! So store away your totes and satchels, and resurface your petite pals.

winta and sprang bag1

2. Gloves
No more leaving your gloves on the subway or having to take off your statement rings because they won’t fit under! Grab your biggest bracelet cuff and brass knuckles (jk) and rock it because everyone can see them now. LOOK OUT WORLD.

Winter gloves vs arm cuff1

3. Chapstick
We might love the taste of Cherry Chapstick but this season we are transitioning from cherry taste to cherry COLOUR. Maybe keep the chap stick around though, just in case your lips get dry from any ‘Spring flings’ that may occur.

lip baml to cherry lip stick

3.Fur Scarves
Gone, but not FURgotten. Spring is coming and you no longer need that much around your neck. Get yourself a lighter scarf, and even better, make it colourful! HELLO SPRING.


4. Kleenex
Thankfully no more EMBARRASSING runny noses. BUT as the weather gets warmer that oil starts to come to the surface, so keep those oil blotting sheets handy!

Oil sheets and Kleenex

5. Coffee Thermos
The fact that your coffee is not going to get cold as soon as you step outside is a HUGE relief. But for those warmer days and when you want to walk to work, change the thermos for a water bottle. It’s better for you anywayz!!


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