October 21, 2014

FYI: I've Got My Eyes On These Celebrity…Brows


…In non-creepy ways, of course.

Eyebrows are one of the most important part of a person’s face. Seriously: it’s crazy how much a small tweak to your ladybrows can change your whole look! I have this really bad habit of being obsessed with celebritie’s eyebrows. That sounds extremely strange, but seriously, all I long for is the perfect shape. If you’ve got good eyebrows, you’ve got everything you need in life. Keep scrolling to take a look at celebrity icons who rock the eyebrow game to another level ~



Cara Delevingne


Cara is definitely on the top of my best celebrity eyebrow list. There aren’t many people that can pull off the untamed, bushy eyebrow look and Cara flaunts it like no other! Not to mention, she also has the perfect eye colour. Can I be U or?


The Olsen Twinz


Two other celebs that take ~ bushy ~ to another level are the Olsen twins. Who is your eyebrow lady? I need her ##number##.


Emma Watson


Emma Watson’s perfectly shaped eyebrows define the beauty of her whole face. Not only is the slight downward shape done perfectly, but the way they’re filled in simply adds to her ~elegance~!


Demi Moore


…When I’m 51, I hope I look as flawless as Demi Moore. You’re on the top of my best celebrity eyebrows list, Demi. I like u AND I LIKE UR BROWS.


Jessica Alba


Similar to Watson, Jessica Alba has such an elegant look to her! Her eyebrows hardly need any shaping to them, and YA U CAUGHT ME – I’m jealous.


Eva Longoria

Source: www.photovide.comĀ 

I love people who can pull off the bushy eyebrows, but there also isn’t anything like seeing a clean, natural face! Eva’s eyebrows are thin and slightly shaped, adding a little bit more “sexy” to her already beautiful look.


Lastly… Jennifer Connelly


….Just one more time for the bushy eyebrow look. I’m so obsessed. ~Sorry~

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