November 3, 2014

Celebrity Romances x Jane Austen Novels

Jane Austen movies usually guarantee a cheesy happy ending and a sense of navieté – something also very common with celeb romances. Therefore, what is more appropriate than pairing the two with a really bad Photoshop job??

We decided to take it upon ourselves to imagine what cute and relevant celebrity couple would correspond with what Jane Austen novel. Also, because who doesn’t love a bad Photoshop job reminiscent of playing old timey-dress up at a fair?? Ok.



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Pride and Prejudice X Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield


Mr. Darcy is a total snob and finds himself entitled to Elizabeth – but only in the most subtle way. She eventually realizes how much he likes her and they both fall in luv. I assume this is also the exact same way Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield fell in luv.


Emma X Emma Roberts and Evan Peters


Well, both their names are Emma, right?


Sense and Sensibility X Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff


Because how much better would this story be starring with Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff instead??


Pride and Prejudice pt. 2 x Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult


…Love hurts.

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