September 15, 2016

Transform Your Dorm Room With Less Than $15


Your dorm room will quickly become the place you feel the most comfortable in on campus. When you come back to your room or apartment after a long day of classes or a botched exam, you just want peace. Here are some easy and inexpensive tips and DIYs that will help you turn your dorm room or apartment into somethin’ dreamy.

$2-3 at Dollarama

Hang strands of lights along your walls or around windows and doors and feel like you’re in a fairytale. Get creative! If your lights have braided wires, you can use thumbtacks to hold them up on your ceiling and hang them above your bed. You can also clip Polaroids and other small photos to your lights!

You don’t have to spend more than a few bucks on string lights, they’re easy to find at dollar stores and Walmart, but you might have to snag an extension cord depending on how many outlets your room has/where you decide to hang the lights (but those aren’t too expensive either!).



$1/bunch at Dollarama

Buy fake flowers from the dollar store closest to you. Most of them come in bunches, so you can cut them apart and make more use of them. Tape them around your door/window/mirror/picture frames, string them together to make cute wall hangings, or stick ‘em on any surface in your room that looks a little plain! Most of the fake flowers also have wire inside them, so you can bend them around bed and desk posts to make them look like they’re growing out of your floor. Try and stick to similar colours and sizes for a more put-together look.


 ~$5-8 for scrap fabrics

Use fabrics to give your room a comfy look. All you have to do is find scrap fabric (check thrift stores for cheap tapestries and scarves, or cut up big skirts and dresses) and pin them loosely above your bed. You can stick double-sided tape to clothespins and stick the pins on your walls to hold up the fabric. Thumbtacks might work too, but are less secure. Make sure to use light fabric so your canopy stays up. Get ready for your room to feel like a permanent blanket fort!



~$2-6 for DIY materials

There are so many different kinds of banners you can make that there will definitely be a style that will work for your dream room. Since materials differ, let’s say that this DIY idea (DIY-dea?) will cost anywhere between $2 to $6.a pop of confetti co

Photo banners:
Shopper’s Drug Mart has super affordable photo printing – a single 4×6 photo will only set you back 19 cents, and a lot of Shopper’s locations even have kiosks that will print your photos in minutes with the bonus of no awkward customer-to-cashier interaction. Once you have lots of cute photos of your friends, family, pets, future vacation spots, or celebrity crushes, tape twine or ribbon to the backs of the pics to make a long banner. You can also use clothespins or paper clips.

Pennant banners:
Cut out several pennants from poster-board and string them through some twine or ribbon. Try doing this with a map or find an inexpensive atlas/book at a used book store and cut pennants from its pages.

Ribbon/tassel banners:
Cut up rolls of pretty ribbons and streamers into equal-sized pieces, then staple all the pieces to one long ribbon or tie them individually on relatively thick string. You can also do this by tearing or cutting loose fabric or old clothes.

Word banners:
Trace equal-sized block letters on poster board and cut them out to make a cute banner that says something cheeky or cute.


There are lots of ways to make your room look nice on a budget. Up-cycle your empty bottles of alcohol age-appropriate juice and smoothies by using them as vases or to store pens and change. Peruse campus poster sales and local used book stores for cool, vintage posters to hang up. Have a place for everything so when you get back to your room, you’re not annoyed at yourself for leaving stuff all over the floor. And finally, stick to simplicity and a good colour scheme.

Happy re-decorating!

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