March 1, 2016

Dangerous Women We Need In Our Girl Gang


With Ariana Grande’s new album name inspiring us, we took a look into the most dangerous women out there. These women are all about girl power and have no problem sticking up for what they believe in.

Take a look at all the women we wish were part of our *girl gang*

It was anything but a happily ever after for Beatrix. She woke up from a four year coma after her husband took ~till death do us part~ too seriously and tried to kill her on their wedding day. Now she’s pissed. This chick is so dangerous, they needed two films to show the full extent of her bad-assness.



She’s the ultimate dangerous teenager that takes on the world in a crop top and cargo pants. Her hair never seems to lose it’s volume even while she’s defeating villains. Nothing is impossible for this girl, so just call her or beep her if you need to reach her.

Kim Possible


She’s just like every other 12 year old girl. Her best friend is an assassin and she’s training to become one herself. Don’t let that short hair cut and bangs fool you, that choker means business.



Even though she had to dress like a man to get her point across, no one fights for girl power like this girl. She joined the Chinese military and has a pet dragon, do you get any more dangerous than that? Not to mention, she totally pulls off the man look and becomes tougher than anyone else in the movie.



Based off the true story, Bonnie Parker was as dangerous as they come. Robbing banks like it was no big deal while she flung around a gun like it was her favourite accessory. She may look like innocent beauty but she is the second half of a very dangerous duo.


Sugar, spice and everything nice. They may be little, they may be cute but they’re mixed with chemical x and basically invincible. They slay everywhere they go and do it looking adorable. The Power Puff Girls are major ~girl gang goals~

Powerpuff Girls


Beyonce is so fierce, she had to create an alter ego because she simply couldn’t handle it all. Sasha Fierce is basically the inner diva we wish we all could be on a regular basis. Most of Sasha’s moments are major DGAF moments. Safe to say she is as fierce and badass as they come.



She may not look dangerous but this girl is studying to become an FBI agent and she is not someone to mess with. Dealing with violent psychopaths is no big deal and just a typical part of her day. She may be in Silence of the Lambs but she is anything but silent…or a lamb for that matter.

Clarice Starling Silence of the Lambs



Part of the father/daughter team in Kickass, all Hit Girl really does is kick ass. She’s a tough little cookie with hair as bold as her personality. She also defeated villains all the time while rocking a cute little school girl skirt. You don’t really get any more dangerous than that.


Last but not least is Jane Smith, played by Angelina Jolie who is no stranger to dangerous women roles. As a secret spy, Jane Smith’s job is to basically be dangerous all the time without anyone knowing, that must get exhausting. On top of being dangerously good looking with a killer fashion sense, I wouldn’t be getting on her bad side anytime soon.





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