July 12, 2013

Happy July 12th, aka "National Different Coloured Eyes Day" !!

Eye spy, with my little eye, some super special celebs with different coloured eyes! No, these are not superhumans with extraterrestrial powers (well, David Bowie is questionable, but…) they’re just seven run-of-the-mill celebs that are giving us yet another reason to gawk over their spectacularly unbelievable lives. Actually, these celebs were born something called heterochromia iridum – a condition that causes the eyes to be different colours (or sometimes mixed colours)! Pretty neat, huh? Wanna know what’s neater? Some genius thought to create a //super special// day of celebration for these magnificent humans & guess what – TODAY is that day!

Happy National Different Coloured Eyes Day, everyone!!! Let’s celebrate by staring at pictures of these fortunate few to be so lucky.




Eye Candy 

Source: Josh Henderson Myspace 

EYE-D: Blue right eye & green left eye 

When we first set eyes on Josh Henderson back in 2007, our eyes were too glued to his rock hard abs…I mean…great personality…to notice his different coloured eyes. Former Desperate Housewives star and apple of my teenage eye, Henderson’s mismatched eyes only making him that much more tasty…I mean…smart?

Luck for us, he’s no longer dating Ashlee Simpson and he’s back on air – this time as John Ross Ewing The Third in TNT’s remake of Dallas. Never has “someone The Third” ever looked so good. Am I right? I’m right.



 Blue Eyed, Blue Crush

Source: People Magazine 

EYE-D: Hazel right eye & blue left eye.

We’ve been crushing on Kate ever since her beach-y waves and half pipe days in Blue Crush and then again every time she hits the red carpet/leaves her house. Someone with such rock hard abs and flawless skin cannot be human. We love her for her impeccable style, natural beauty, and ability to always stay true to herself. That’s why when a certain “high-fash” magazine photoshopped the west coast beauty’s eyes to be the same colour (when they naturally are not) sh*t got cray!!#%@#$%

Other brands Bosworth represents such as Topshop and Calvin Klein have embraced the actress’ striking peepers, allowing the rest of us mere mortals to gaze upon her ~ethereal~ beauty in all it’s natural glory.



She Out of M(eye) League 

Source: IMBD

EYE-D: Green right eye & blue left eye 

A glorified babe in this galaxy & beyond, London born Alice Eve isn’t about sticking to just one genre. Best known for her role in She’s Out of My League, Eve took to the big screen this summer in the sci-fi blockbuster of the year Star Trek: Into The Darkness. The green-eyed/blue-eyed bombshell has tried her hand at everything from thrillers (The Raven) to chick flicks (Sex and The City 2) with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Recently, Marie Claire US featured the actress in their July issue, celebrating her striking, mismatched seers – 0% Photoshopped and 100% bada$$.



 Ziggy Stardust and The Mismatched Pupils 


EYE-D: Both eyes blueish green, left pupil enlarged

While Kate, Alice and Josh all get their lovely lookers as a result of heterochromia iridum, Bowie’s tale of tired eyes is a little different. Legend has it the original glam rocker was a fighter back in the day. During a particularily heating schoolyard debate over a girl named Carol, he got his eye scratched – permanently dilating the left pulp and consequently causing the eye to appear darker in comparison to his right eye.

Lesson learned: Despite popular belief, David Bowie does not have two different coloured eyes. It only looks that way because of something called anisocoria, i.e. unequal pupils

I feel a Kanye quote coming on (sorry not sorry) ~ (8) N-now that that don’t kill him, can only make [preteen Bowie] stronger ~ (8)  He’s since been known as much for his experimental rhythms as his otherworldly style – mismatched eyes included.


R(eye)se Against 

Source: Rise Against Tumblr 

EYE-D: Brown right eye & blue left eye 

It’s as if Tim Mcilrath was born to lead a punk rock band. In the true spirit of punk rockism, the Indianapolis born musician has mistmatched eyes that go against /the norm/. Down with mainstream beauty, Mcilrath and his punk-spirited eyes rock out to the beat of their own drum.



Mila Kunis 

Souce: Daily Mail 

EYE-D: Green right eye & brown left eye 

When applying to college, Mila Kunis began her application essay with “Imagine being blind and deaf at age seven,” recalling the unbelievable struggles she overcame moving from the Ukraine to LA without knowing a word of English. Lucky for us, the Black Swan beauty has since blossomed into a rising star, honoring her eastern European roots and Jewish heritage. As if the language barrier and culture shock weren’t enough for the tiny tot, Kunis also suffered an eye conditiona called chronic iritis – causing the actress to go blind in one eye. Thankfully her vision was restored after minor surgery, and her mismatched eyes could see again!



Saved B(eye) The Bell   

EYE-D: Right eye green and brown, left eye green

Best known for her role on Saved by The Bell, Michigan born Elizabeth Berkley rocks her own set of multicolored lookers. The actresses rocks one fully green eye, and one green half green half brown one – making her a constant muse of the beauty crowd. Along with her fierce animal activism and self-help program for teens, Berkley advocates ~natural beauty~ by vowing never to touch coloured contact.



G.Eye Jane

Source: Huffington Post

EYE-D: Hazel right eye, green left eye

Demi and Mila are more alike than their taste for men. Like Mila, Demi flaunts unlikely lookers. Although it’s hardly recognizable, the original G.I. Jane has one hazel eye and one green eye.



Dr. Quinn, Med(eye)cine Woman 

Source: Zimbo 

EYE-D: Brown right eye & hazel left eye 

As a former bond girl, Jane Seymour is bad a$$ by default. What makes her even more stellar forty years later is her willingness to embrace her natural eye colour, which is both brown and hazel. Although snaps of the British bombshells circa her Dr. Quinn days don’t fully show off Seymour’s unique peepers, in recent years the actress began to flaunt her mismatched lookers at every photo op.

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