August 11, 2014

A Back To Cool/School Skateboard Tutorial with Kastor & Pollux

Let me start off by saying that no matter the circumstance, talking about yourself in the third person is always a bizarre experience. However, since there is no immediate remedy (other than just, like, not talking about yourself in the third person), I’m just going to own up to it, embrace the challenge, and conclude this little tangent by bringing attention to the fact that sincerity is always the first step in writing a successful blog post.

While I often write under the Fora Staff moniker (even though my name is in fact Danielle AKA the blonder half of Kastor & Pollux), for the sake of penning sincere copy to accompany my face, here are my third-person insights regarding the best and most HUNNIT *prayer hands* DIY in the entire universe.

Now that that’s been said, this September, we want you to SKATE BACK TO SCHOOL IN STYLE – or at least walk to school in style carrying this cool decorative skateboard. In collaboration with the [crazy cool] girls from Kastor & Pollux, we’ve created a deck that’s part shiny, part fresh, and 100% one hunnit – duh. When seeking out your very own sk8er boy boyfriend becomes too tired (and not true), take matters into your own hands and amp up the ante with something sure to catch people’s attention. It might not be the ideal tool for *insert skateboard lingo here*, but as long as you look cute – does it really matter?!

Does this all sound like a grand plan, Stan? If the answer is yes, get ready…get set…SKATE BACK TO SCHOOL COOL with Kastor & Pollux!!!



Videographer: Rosanna Peng | Production Assistant: Dani Reynolds | Photographer: Vanessa Cesario
Featuring: Dani and Bianca from Kastor & Pollux







What you’ll need:

– Primed skateboard
– Sheets of silver leaf
– Paintbrushes
– Silver leaf adhesive
– Finish polish
– Cutting mat
– X-acto knife
– Scissors
– 100 stencil (download here)
– Spray paint



Step 1:



Step 2:



Step 3:



Step 4:



Step 5:

Download stencil here.


Step 6:



Step 7:











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